Inhibition of Snowfall by Pollution Aerosol, 2007

01/02/2007 - 02/28/2007
Project Location
Steamboat Springs, CO

NCAR / EOL is deploying an Integrated Sounding System ISS to the Inhibition of Snowfall by Pollution Aerosols (ISPA) project in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The project is being carried out for the Desert Research Institute's Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL) on Mount Werner. The project PI is Dr. Randy Borys of the SPL. The ISS will consist of a UHF boundary layer wind profiler with RASS, radiosonde sounding system, and surface meteorology tower near the base of Mount Werner. The wind profiler being used for ISPA is MAPR, an advanced radar capable of making very rapid wind measurements and continuous snow observations.

Inhibition of Snowfall by Pollution Aerosols

ISPA studies the link between pollution aerosols and snowfall rates in the Mount Werner area near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. EOL provided the ISS-MAPR facility in early 2007 to obtain temperature and humidity profiles with altitude, cloud top height and temperature, depths of the snow layer, crystal fall speed and riming extent. Data gathered from the experiment will be checked for quality control and offered to the research community as a data product in FY 2007.


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