GCIP Initial Data Set 1

02/01/1992 - 04/30/1992
Project Location
West-Central Mississippi River

The Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Continental-scale International Project (GCIP) Initial Data Set (GIDS-1) contains data from the west-central Mississippi River basin. GIDS-1 is a combination of operational and research data over a 3-month period.


The purpose of GIDS-1 was to create a prototype data set similar to future data sets collected during the GCIP Enhanced Observing Period (1995-2000). Data from the STORM-FEST Field Project was selected as a nucleus to build GIDS-1.

STORM-FEST provided a data set that:

  1. included atmospheric and hydrological data obtained in the center of the GCIP area
  2. occurred during a hydrologically important time of year (i.e. late winter/early spring)
  3. included routine operational data as well as special research observing platforms for a 6 week period
  4. provided similar quality controlled surface and upper air composite data sets as required by GCIP.


An additional 6 weeks of operational data was added to the STORM-FEST data to:

  1. increase the collection period of GIDS-1 into the spring snowmelt/runoff period and
  2. provide a direct comparison of 6 weeks of intensive/special observations to 6 weeks of routine observations for evaluating future GCIP observational enhancements.


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