Fluxes Over Snow Surfaces

10/09/2001 - 04/02/2002

The FLOSS project studied the surface meteorology of snow-covered rangeland in the North Park region of Colorado, near Walden, from December 2001 to March 2002.

See ISFF project page.

The sonic anemometers were all Campbell CSAT3 anemometers, which generally performed well. They were all nominally on booms pointing to the West. The bare sonic was lowered from 2.9 to ~2m on 2 Dec 2001.

Krypton hygrometers were used for water vapor fluctuation measurements. Like in FLOSSII, they probably went offscale frequently due to ice fog. Also, the wiring in the electronic boxes became corroded due to moisture infiltration in the middle of this project, which I think is indicated by a diurnal variation in the offset with respect to the T/RHs.