Cooperative Oklahoma Profilers Studies

04/24/1991 - 06/03/1991
Project Location
Amarillo, TX to Norman, OK

The Cooperative Oklahoma Profilers Studies (COPS-91),  sponsored by the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), NASA, the University of Oklahoma, NOAA and Colorado State University, was run at NSSL from 15 April to 20 June, 1991.  Fifteen PAM-II stations were deployed between Amarillo, Texas and Norman, Oklahoma, for operations during the month of May.  Seven stations were tightly clustered near Norman.  The objective of the  widely spaced stations was to fill in gaps in the existing synoptic network for study;ing the behavious of the dryline.  The tighlty-clustered stations were within range of dual-Doppler coverage and were used for complementing radar analyses of circulations normal to the dryline and to fronts.  Purpose was the investigation of physical properties of drylines, frontal circulations, and mesoscale convective systems.  Howard Bluestein, PI.


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