Cloud Microphysical Measurements and Radar Polarization

11/12/1987 - 12/07/1987
Project Location
The Alps

The major objective of this project was to improve the understanding of the mechanisms of precipitation formation via the ice phase, especially for frontal and upslope conditions near the Alps. The experimental technique was to obtain well coordinated data from the King Air 2D-PMS probe particle images and the polarimetric DFVLR radar. Another goal was to experimentally determine best radar polarization sampling needed to classify cloud hydrometeors and precipitation elements at various stages of development. The King Air was used in conjunction with DFVLR aircraft such as the Falcon or DO-28 to obtain better spatial resolution in the vertical. Since the DFVLR radar can measure a multitude of polarization parameters related to microphysics, it gave a unique opportunity for achieving our research objectives.


Principal Investigators:

  • V.N. Bringi
  • Peter Meischner 

Data Manager: