CiS 1

Careers in Science

10/27/2010 - 10/29/2010
Project Location
Chicago, IL

Careers in Science | CiS

Principal Investigators: Josh Wurman, Brigitte Baeuerle, Mike Daniels, Wen Chau Lee
Facility: Doppler on Wheels

Careers in Science (CiS) is a targeted education and outreach program planned for 2010 & 2011 that exposes students from accredited postsecondary minority institutions to career opportunities within the areas of science and science support. Multi-day visits are conducted to campuses in the east and southeast of the United States to meet with small groups of students who are interested in science and technology and to expose them to field campaigns, observing facilities and various job categories that are needed to successfully conduct research. The visits will be accompanied by one of the Doppler on Wheels for hands-on demonstrations and data collection.

Chicago Area Events

Elmhurst College :: October 27, 2010

College of DuPage :: October 28, 2010

Wilbur Wright College :: October 29, 2010

CiS Final Report

The Careers in Science team visited three colleges in the greater Chicago area during a three-day period from 27-29 October 2010. The objective of the event was to visit several minority institutions in the area to provide information about and encourage students to enter various careers in atmospheric sciences. During each visit 
we showcased a variety of jobs that are essential to support field campaigns, illustrated the nature of field campaigns by using VORTEX II as an example, and provided hands-on demonstrations of the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) after the initial presentation and discussion. 
Each of the three schools was different with respect to their familiarity with atmospheric sciences and the departmental support we received. The schools covered ranged from a 2 year college to a 4 year college; private college to a community college; a school with a well developed meteorology program to a school with only an introductory class to a community college with no meteorology classes. Only one school already had a working relationship with a university with a strong atmospheric science program. Read the complete CiS 1 Final Report.




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