Cloud Indirect Forcing Experiment

04/01/2004 - 04/21/2004
Project Location
Arcata, CA

The Cloud Indirect Forcing Experiment (CIFEX) took place in April 2004, during which time aerosols from two Asian dust storms arrived at the Northern California coast. Major goals of the experiment were to intercept advected Asian dust and aerosol plumes, and to investigate the impacts of aerosols on clouds. Flights were conducted over the Pacific using the NSF funded Wyoming King Air meteorological aircraft. Cloud probes included an FSSP, 1D-C, 2D-C, Gerber LWC probe, and the Wyoming Cloud Radar. Aerosols were sampled using a CCN, PCASP, CPC, and SMPS. Clouds were sampled in a porpoise-style flight track, incorporating long level samples with profiles that extended both above and below cloud.

This description was taken from the conference abstract linked below.