Chilean Coastal Orographic Precipitation Experiment

05/22/2015 - 08/15/2015
Project Location
Nahuelbuta Mountains, Chile

CCOPE (Chilean Coastal Orographic Precipitation Experiment) 2015 project was an exploratory field campaign in Chile's Nahuelbuta Mountains south of Concepción, from 5/22/15 - 8/15/15. Researchers from UAlbany, the University of Wyoming, the University of Colorado, the Universidad de Concepción, and the Universidad de Chile collaborated on the project to observe the kinematic and microphysical aspects of landfalling storms. 

The map above shows field campaign area, including the location of CCOPE-2015 rain gauges, and the primary field sites at Curanilahue (CRL) and Arauco (ARA). In addition to the CCOPE-2015 rain gauge network two profiling Micro Rain Radars (MRRs), two disdrometers, and a met station were installed at CRL. Aerosol instrumentation was deployed at ARA. During intensive observation periods (IOPs) soundings were launched from near the coast at Carampangue (CPG).

The image above was adapted from Massmann et al. (2017).


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