Clouds, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes-Philippines Experiment

08/20/2019 - 10/10/2019
Project Location
Clark Airport in the Philippines

The Clouds, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes-Philippines Experiment (CAMP²Ex) is a NASA airborne mission with the goal to characterize the role of anthropogenic and natural aerosol particles in modulating the frequency and amount of warm and mixed phase precipitation in the vicinity of the Philippines during the Southwest Monsoon. In partnership with Philippine research and operational weather communities, CAMP²Ex provides a comprehensive 4-D observational view of the environment of the Philippines and its neighboring waters in terms of microphysical, hydrological, dynamical, thermodynamical and radiative properties of the environment, targeting the environment of shallow cumulus and cumulus congestus clouds. The NASA P-3 conducted nineteen research flights, during which NCAR RD41 dropsondes were released.

Aircraft Platform: NASA P-3

Official NASA DOICAMP2EX 2018 DOI: 10.5067/Suborbital/CAMP2EX2018/DATA001


Principal Investigators
Sue van den Heever (Colorado State University)