Airborne Doppler Radar Tests

05/15/1982 - 07/07/1982
Project Location
Denver, Colorado

The planned test flights were successfully conducted aboard the NOAA P-3 aircraft during June of 1982. Just under 20 hours of test data were collected in the course of six flights. These flights included flights around and through convective storms, which were being scanned by the FOF ground-based doppler radars. The first three flights were around weak storms, which should provide good examples of smooth data sets which do not change quickly. The last three flights were flown in the vicinity of strong storms which were of interest to the JAWS experiment. Analysis of data from these storms should provide a good test of the scientific capabilities of the airborne Doppler radar, for they include strong storm features on a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales. The data have all been reviewed and a large portion of the data have been displayed on the RDSS computer and photographed.


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