Track 1 Education & Outreach Request Process

Track 1 proposals are requests for limited field or laboratory activities that are targeted at education and outreach. Track 1 proposals must include educational activities in formal and informal settings based on state-of-the-art pedagogical knowledge aimed at providing hands-on student training in field- or laboratory-based observational research, and/or provide significant public outreach through coordinated events. Track 1 proposals must be submitted 9 – 12 months ahead of the planned activity. 

For detailed information, please consult the NSF Facility and Instrumentation Request Process (FIRP) solicitation.


Track 1 EOL FARE/LAOF Request Process

A PI-submitted FARE/LAOF facility request and EOL-provided cost estimate are required to be submitted by the PI with the FIRP proposal. For EOL to prepare the required documents and share them with the PI in a timely manner, the following steps are necessary:

  1. PI engages with EOL during the proposal preparation process to ascertain facility availability and suitability for the proposed activity.
  2. PI submits a Statement of Interest (no more than 3 pages) to NSF FARE Program Director with copy to EOL.
  3. PI submits Facility Request for NCAR/LAOF via PRESTO no later than one month before the FIRP proposal submission date.
  4. EOL prepares a ROM cost estimate for the FARE/LAOF.
  5. EOL shares a copy of the complete facility request form and the ROM cost estimate with PI no later than one week before the FIRP proposal deadline.
  6. NSF decision
  7. PI & EOL project planning
  8. Deployment


FARE EOL Contact
Brigitte Baeuerle (