Research Aviation Facility Bulletins, Tech Notes, and Processing Algorithms

RAF Bulletins

The RAF Bulletin series is intended to guide scientists in making effective use of NCAR aircraft. Some of the topics presented here deserve more space than is available. However, we have endeavored to make the material useful to those having little or no experience in the use of an aircraft as an observing system. For historical versions for RAF Bulletins (including many that are not listed here) please visit the RAF Collection at the NCAR Archives.

RAF Processing Algorithms

RAF Bulletin 9.    Standard Output Data Products from the NCAR Research Aviation Facility (For historical reference. June 1987 edition, updated 2007)

RAF Bulletin 23.  Measurement Techniques: Air Motion Sensing (Nov 1989 edition, updated 2001)

RAF Bulletin 24.  Airborne Measurements for Cloud Microphysics (Jan. 1989 edition, updated 2000)

Characterization of Uncertainty in Measurements of Wind from the NSF/NCAR GULFSTREAM V Research Aircraft (July 2016)

RAF Technical Notes

A complete list of RAF Technical Notes can be found in OpenSky

Other Documentation

RAF (2005). High-rate wind gust measurements from the NCAR C-130 aircraft,

NETCDF File Extension History

1967 - 1993: RAF data files were in GENPRO format. Files were converted to NetCDF in 2016. The NetCDF version of these files has the ".nc" extension.

1993 - 2000: NetCDF files in the archive have the extension "cdf"

2000 - present: NetCDF files in the archive have the extension "nc"