2D processing changes March 2011

RAF has made minor changes to our *.2d files (image data from our 2D-C and 2D-P probes). The files have been re-archived back through PACDEX (2005). There is no change to the raw data itself but more to the header. The data you have already are acceptable, and this notification is informational in case you re-download older data sets or for when you next download 2d data.

Here are a list of some of the changes:

  • The XML header now starts and ends with <OAP></OAP>, instead of <PMS2D></PMS2D>.
  • Runaway probe rejection.  Any record with fewer than 5 particles is not transferred into the .2d file.
  • The true-airspeed is no longer encoded by "*255 / 125", it is just the TAS truncated to the nearest whole integer.
  • If you use RAF software xpms2d, you will need to download the latest version to interact with these files.  

Information on reading these files is located at:


Sample XML at head of each 2d file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<OAP version="1">







<probe id="C6" type="Fast2DC" resolution="10" nDiodes="64" serialnumber="F2DC002"


<probe id="C4" type="Fast2DC" resolution="25" nDiodes="64" serialnumber="F2DC001"


<probe id="P1" type="TwoDP" resolution="200" nDiodes="32" serialnumber="2DP10"