Track 2 - Single LAOF Request Process

The NSF Facility and Instrumentation Request Process (FIRP) solicitation states that Track 2 proposals are for domestic research projects that require a single CIF or LAOF facility. Small international collaborations with straightforward deployment requests may be requested for Track 2. PIs must consult with the FARE program director if an international deployment is requested under Track 2.

Deployments including aircraft or a network of instruments, or multi-year deployments, are not eligible under Track 2. Examples of Track 2 activities include the use of laboratory-based equipment or a single mobile radar/lidar facility.

Track 2 FIRP proposals can be submitted to NSF 9 – 15 months ahead of the planned activity. There is no deadline, and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Read more from the NSF Facility and Instrumentation Request Process (FIRP) solicitation about the Track 2 request process.

Track 2 EOL FARE/LAOF Request Process

A PI-submitted FARE/LAOF Facility Request and EOL-provided cost estimate are required to be submitted by the PI with the FIRP proposal. For EOL to prepare the required documents and share with the PI in a timely manner, the following the steps are necessary:

  1. PI engages with the EOL Facility Request Coordinator during the proposal preparation process to ascertain facility availability and suitability for the proposed research.
  2. PI submits required Statement of Interest (SoI) to NSF at least 15 months ahead of activity.
  3. PI submits facility request to EOL via PRESTO no later than two months before FIRP proposal submission date.
  4. EOL prepares a cost estimate for the FARE/LAOF.
  5. LAOF Request Coordinator shares a copy of the FARE/LAOF facility request and cost estimate with PI within seven weeks of receiving the facility request, for inclusion in their FIRP proposal.
  6. PI submits FIRP Proposal to NSF 9 – 15 months prior to the start of the research activity.
  7. NSF Decision
  8. Project planning
  9. Deployment

Documents for Track 2 FARE/LAOF Facility Request in PRESTO

Prepare the following required documents in PDF format for upload to PRESTO as part of the facility request.

  • Project Description (15-page limit)
    Describe the project to be conducted as well as the role and method of use of the FARE/LAOF assets.

  • Management Plan (2-page limit)
    The Management Plan should discuss specific factors related to the use of the FARE/LAOF-supported facility, such as who will operate the instruments and the expected data availability (e.g., timeline and what constitutes a finished product).

  • Data Management Plan (no page limit)
    All proposals must describe plans for data management and sharing of the products of research. PIs must submit data obtained using FARE/LAOF assets to NCAR for archiving no later than one year from the date of completion of the project. Data archiving at NCAR will be provided via NCAR-hosted Geoscience Data Exchange for NSF (GDEX), and emails regarding data archiving can be directed to If extenuating circumstances require an extension to the 1-year deadline, a request for an extension must be sent to the FARE Program Director. Investigators are encouraged to reference the AGS data management guidance while drafting their data management plan:

Prepare the following optional documents in PDF format for upload to PRESTO as part of the facility request.

  • Letters of Support / Collaboration (no page limit)
    Provide letters of support or collaboration for this project. No page limit. Multiple documents allowed.


FARE/LAOF Request Coordinator
Ms. Alison Rockwell
o. (303) 497-8758