Remote Sensing Scan Image Archive and Image Collections

Image meta data has been compiled for various remote sensing platforms operating during both legacy and recent projects. This page represents a simple tabulation for those platforms, projects, and periods for which scan image collections exist, and provides pointers to the EOL Apache web pages for those browsers.

Scan Browse Image Collections
jaws cp2 1982 70K images
jaws cp3 1982 42K images
jaws cp4 1982 48K images
prestorm cp3 1985 39K images
gale cp3 1986 28K images
gale cp4 1986 32K images
mist cp2 1986 52K images
mist cp3 1986 44K images
mist cp4 1986 56K images
tamex cp4 1987 38K images
cinde cp2 1987 40K images
cinde cp3 1987 37K images
harp cp3 1990 74K images
harp cp4 1990 58K images
cape cp2 1991 191K images
cape cp3 1991 86K images
cape cp4 1991 75K images
stormfest cp3 1992 37K images
stormfest cp4 1992 39K images
precip98 spol 1998 36K images
trmm_lba spol 1999 112K images
improve spol 2001 83K images
ihop2002 spol 2002 84K images
ihop2002 spol refractivity 2002 13K images
wisp04 spol-ka, S-only 2004 11K images
wisp04 spol-ka, w/ Ka images 2004 7K images
name spol 2004 65K images
rico spol-ka 2004-2005 120K images
chats real 2007 239K images
timrex spol 2008 128K images
dynamo spol-ka SUR 2011-2012 78K images
dynamo spol-ka RHI 2011-2012 535K images
dynamo toga 2011-2012 319K images
front setup 2013 60K images
front spol_cams 2014-2015 2,220 K images

1/1/14 to 4/8/15
pecan spol 2015 144K images
pecan spol_cams 2015 433 K images