During the kick off meeting on 08 September 2011, the following policies and procedures were 
agreed upon. EOL will continue to maintain this agreed upon Data Policy once the new archive 
is transferred and established at EOL.

Topic: Data sharing with NCAR:

The PIs unanimously agreed to fully share data from the MATERHORN-X with the NCAR-Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) 4DWX group working on real-time weather prediction at the DPG. This group will have access even during the data embargo period* wherein the MATERHORN data are accessible to the PIs only. During the embargo, NCAR-RAL staff members are to use these data exclusively to improve the 4DWX forecast system in support of DPG and other Army test facilities under the purview of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). NCAR-RAL staff are not permitted to share these outside of the 4DWX development group. Formal presentation, whether written or oral, of research and development results from use of these data shall be restricted to internal meetings between ATEC and NCAR-RAL. Journal publications resulting from these data and submitted during the embargo are required to be collaborative, and have co-authorship with a MATERHORN PI. 
The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and Army Research Laboratory (ARL) personnel listed in the proposal will have access to the MATERHORN data during the embargo period, provided that the data will be used for collaborative research with a MATERHORN PI and ensuing papers have joint authorship.
*Here the embargo period is defined as the period identified in the proposal where the data are available exclusively for the MATERHORN PIs from the universities. The embargo period is two years after the completion of the final Dugway experiment. 


Topic: Enlisting of Additional Investigators

The PIs unanimously agreed to enlist additional collaborators after consideration of merits (added value) of their participation, on a case by case basis. A brief proposal from the prospective collaborators stating their contribution to science and technology development of MATERHORN as well as how they complement existing resources will be required. The funding mechanism for additional activities must be identified. A committee comprised of Stephan DeWekker, Joe Fernando, Joshua Hacker and David Whiteman will determine the suitability of the proposal.
The MATERHORN data will be available to these collaborators during the embargo period provided that the ensuing papers have joint authorship with a MATERHORN PI. The collaborators are supposed to include their data in the MATERHORN data repository for the use of other MATERHORN participants.
The additional investigators are expected to attend the review meetings and make presentations highlighting their results and collaborative activities. Each additional investigator will have a point of contact/host from the MATERHORN PI team.

Topic: Data Repository

The DPG will provide facilities for storing and managing of MATERHORN data. The preferable mode of data transmission for storage during the field experiment is wireless. However, in cases where wireless mode in not feasible, the raw data as well as those after QC/QA need to be submitted to Dr. Laura Leo and Professor Silvana DiSabatino, and they will ensure data storage at DPG with appropriate meta data. The final long-term archive will be held at NCAR/EOL.