HEFT08/GISMOS Digital Image and MPEG Movie Specifications
A forward-looking camera is mounted on the right wing pod of the GV. It records an image at one frame per second. The camera starts recording within 10 seconds after the Weight-On-Wheels switch toggles.

The FOV of the camera is about 62 degrees horizontally and 48 degrees vertically with some barrel distortion.

The resolution of the raw images is 1024x768. The saved images have sharpened, reduced to 512x384 resolution, and JPEG compressed to about 25kB in size. The filename gives the date and time the images was recorded in the form YYMMDD-HHMMSS.jpg.

The preliminary movies are made to play back at 15 frames per second so a typical flight can be skimmed through in about 25 minutes.

Each image in a movie is stamped in the upper left corner with the name of the original image file.

The movies are H.264 encoded MPEG-4 files and can be played by Quicktime 6.5 or later (Mac and Windows), xine (linux), or RealPlayer 10.5 and later.

The white balance was adjusted slightly prior to flight RF04.

S. Beaton

Flight comments:
TF01: No images from this flight.
RF05: Early quit at 080222-205856, unknown reason.
TF03: Early quit at 080226-202840, unknown reason.