Future Endeavors

While the delay in the receipt of the ARTSE data unfortunately prevented the development of more deliverables for the Fall 2017 semester, the data will be used for multiple purposes throughout the Spring 2018 semester and beyond.

Educational Development
One of the primary goals for the Spring 2018 semester will be the development of an in-class activity for the introductory meteorology course ATSC 1112: Understanding the Weather. This course is typically populated by 70-90 non-science majors at various stages in their degree plan. The data from ARTSE will nicely demonstrate concepts of solar radiation, the connection between solar radiation and the atmosphere, and the connection of solar radiation to the biosphere (cf. Figures 4a and 4b). This activity will be delivered interactively with a clicker system already implemented in the course. The ARTSE data is also supporting a section of undergraduate research during the Spring 2018 semester. Two students that participated in the Fall 2017 deployment and course have enrolled to continue exploring the data. The ideal result of the undergraduate research course will progress toward a publication, a presentation at the CSU undergraduate research conference (‘Tower Day”), and several educational units for the local schools.

Future Outreach and Research
Several additional outreach and research opportunities still exist for the data collected during ARTSE. Students from the CCSSC deployed a high-resolution telescope in close proximity to the ISFS station and recorded the eclipse in its entirety. The video from the eclipse will be merged with time histories from the ISFS tower into a video that will be shown at the CCSSC planetarium. Educational modules for the CCSSC, similar to the in-class activity that is being developed have also been discussed. The outreach projects are only in the planning phase, but they will be explored more fully in the Spring 2018 semester. From a research perspective, at least one publication is being developed for inclusion in a special eclipse-science issue of the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers. Finally, another Eclipse Showcase is being considered for late Summer 2018 where those who participated in the previous event will return and discuss what has been learned so far.