Flight Summary

Table 1: Summary of the TECPEC-2019 flights. Individuals highlighted in yellow indicate student members of the crew. Clicking on the research flights (RF) in the 2nd column brings up a flight track file that can be viewed in Google Earth. More details can be found at http://flights.uwyo.edu/projects/tecpec19/.

Date Flight #
Status Times
29 Mar RF09 Flight primarily in cloud collecting microphysical data in vertically stacked passes along radials from CYS radar, a missed approach at Wheatland. 1916-2211 Ed Sigel
Hunter Brown
Dave Plummer
Alice Shen
23 Mar FF01 Second flight of day, ferried to Laramie primarily in clear air with instruments collecting measurements. 1951-2121 Brett Wadsworth
Andy Park
Dave Plummer
Bart Geerts
23 Mar RF07 First flight of day. Focused on air quality measurements along AQ2 flight track. 1702-1811 Brett Wadsworth
Michael Wessler
Dave Plummer
Zac Thayn
22 Mar RF06 Repeated constant-altitude passes in orographic
clouds over the Wasatch Range. Corrupted system
file for last few minutes of research measurements.
2007-2308 Brett Wadsworth
Ed Zipser
Dave Plummer
Eric Betsill
21 Mar RF05 Second flight of day, flight pattern AQ1 focused on air quality measurements around SLC and the valley with multiple low approaches. 2040-2225 Brett Wadsworth
John Lin
Dave Plummer
Eric McNamee
21 Mar RF04 First flight of day. Ferried to SLC, making multiple passes through orographic clouds between the Uinta range and the Book Cliffs, then over the Wasatch range enroute to SLC. KPR reinstalled prior to this flight. 1411-1740 Brett Wadsworth
Jeff French
Dave Plummer
Andy Lambert
14 Mar RF03 Flight targeting Storm Peak. The clouds were dissipating by the time the airport in Laramie opened. Besides torque, there were no major equipment issues. 2007-2216 Tom Drew
Coltin Grasmick
Larry Oolman
Meng Zhang
8 Mar RF02 Mostly stacked legs over the Medicine Bows through mixed phase clouds. A little bit banded and convective. The KPR was removed prior to this flight. 1859-2134

Tom Drew
Adam Majewski
Larry Oolman
Lin Lin

6 Mar RF01 Flight over the Medicine Bow, Sierra Madre, and Elkhead Ranges. Encounterd 200-300 micron drizzle. Cut flight short. 2003-2121 Tom Drew
Bart Geerts
Larry Oolman
Melinda Hatt