Driftsonde Tracking

The EOL Driftsonde tracking system, designed by EOL utilizing Google and other technologies, allows the user to watch a live track of EOL's driftsonde gondola as it floats in the upper atmosphere.

The Driftsonde tracking system uses Google Earth .kml files created in real time by GPS systems on board the gondolas to draw a live 3D track over the earth mapping software. Through this system you can see the gondolas' positions and predicted paths.

You do not need to re-download the .kml file for each balloon. The KML file we give you checks in with our server once every 5 minutes for updates. If you have a copy of the Driftsonde tracking file, you can just launch it in Google Earth anytime there is a balloon in the air.

Driftsonde 1Driftsonde track 1Driftsonde 2Driftsonde track 2