Notes to myself as to how to run TRAM.

1. Prep trolley

  • hang on cable
  • remove TRH cover

2. Prep box

  • plug in black box
  • connect power supply serial cable to serial port in white box
  • Plug in GuruPlug box
  • (nidas should start itself; Guru should start GPS time sync; Guru starts WiFi access)

3. Start data system

  • set up Mac (in sun shield); plug in Mac
  • on Mac: enable WiFi; connect to dream...; ssh guru
  • check time/date; adn/aup after update if needed

4. Inspect track

  • check all cable/guy wire tension
  • check cable for shorts
  • check cable free of branches

5. Periodic sensor calibrations

  • calibrate sonic (in lab, special D37 cable, paths u,v,w)
  • calibrate TCM (on cable, special Amp cable, "C", move around, "c")
  • sometime, should have our cal lab recalibrate the SHT
  • sometime, should run cal lab check of the PAR sensor
  • if GPS having trouble locking, do FRESET procedure

6. Start

  • power on Lambda
  • check data coming in (ds or rs U2), adn/aup if needed
  • check data being archived (cd $RAWDATADIR; ls -l)
  • enable Lambda output; set voltage (~32V); set current limit (~9A)
  • rs U3; check data coming in; "S" to stop; wait for GPS lock ("A" in message); "G" to go
  • start cockpit (on Mac)