2014 ICMCS - X

International Conference on Mesoscale Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones

15 September – 18 September 2014

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Boulder, Colorado, USA


ICMCS Website Launched!

The new ICMCS website is now live.

All information regarding the ICMCS-X Confernece can be found at




For further information contact:

Dr. Wen-Chau Lee (Co-Chair, Program Committee): Earth Observing Laboratory, NCAR, 3450 Mitchell Lane, Boulder, CO, 80301, USA (Tel: 303-497-8814; Fax: 303-497-2044; Email: wenchau@ucar.edu),

Dr. David P. Jorgensen (Co-Chair, Program Committee): National Severe Storms Laboratory, NOAA, 1313 Halley Circle, Norman, OK, 73069, USA (Tel: 405-366-0585; Fax: 405-366-0472; Email: David.P.Jorgensen@noaa.gov), 

Dr. Ying-Hwa Bill Kuo (Chair, Scientific Steering Committee): NCAR Earth System Laboratory, NCAR, 3450 Mitchell Lane, Boulder, CO 80301, USA (Tel: 303-497-8901; Fax: 303-497-2610; Email: kuo@ucar.edu).