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The following weather conditions were observed by the Cliffometer at the National Science Foundation Division of Atmospheric Sciences in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
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Note: The current weather observation is more than thirty minutes old. The weather station may be down or undergoing maintenance, but will be returned to service as soon as possible. Thank you.

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(Oct 1 2017, 15:19) Minimum Maximum
Temperature 19.9°C 9.0°C @ 07:04 20.7°C @ 15:04
Dewpoint 5.0°C 2.9°C @ 18:23 5.9°C @ 13:14
Humidity 38% 34% @ 15:04 68% @ 07:04
Pressure 1011 hPa 1008 hPa @ 15:43 1014 hPa @ 10:04
Aeronautical 1027 hPa 1024 hPa @ 15:43 1030 hPa @ 10:04
Wind Speed 0.6 m/s 0.2 m/s @ 12:49 6.9 m/s @ 17:23
Peak Gust 0.6 m/s 0.2 m/s @ 12:49 7.0 m/s @ 17:23
Wind Chill 19.9°C 5.7°C @ 07:29 20.7°C @ 15:04
Wind Dir 172° (from the S)
Rain 0.0 mm

The value -99.9 represents invalid or missing data.

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