Available Support Services

Request the Lower Atmopshere Observing Facilitie‚Äčs (LAOF)

The NSF's Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities (LAOF) are available on a competitive basis to all qualified scientists from universities, NCAR, and other U.S. government agencies requiring these facilities and associated services to carry out their research objectives.

Project Management

EOL manages field deployment operations by providing essential staff, including engineers, technicians, project managers, pilots, operations directors, and aircraft coordinators. We facilitate the execution of your experimental plan so that the highest quality data sets are collected to meet the experiment's scientific goals.

Design and Fabrication Services

Through closely interacting with scientists and engineers across our community, EOL's Design and Fabrication Services (DFS) utilizes the latest in solid modeling and CAD software to achieve innovative solutions to complex and challenging instrumentation requirements. 

Calibration Lab

The sensor calibration facility is used in the evaluation and calibration of in-situ meteorological sensors. The laboratory has the capability to simulate the full range of pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind speed to which meteorological sensors are typically exposed.

Education & Outreach

As part of its mission, EOL promotes curiosity about Earth science and strives to inspire the next generation of observational scientists and engineers by offering various educational, experiential, and outreach opportunities, including engineering and other internships.