Password Retrieval

If you have lost password, your may reset it youself by entering your username or email address on the password retrieval page. You will receive an email with a link that allows you to reset your password and log in. NOTE: UCAR users must log in with their UCAS password, and can retrieve lost passwords by contacting the EOL system administrators at or by calling x8805. 

EOL Web Request System (JIRA)

Internal Help E-Mail

External / Web Help E-Mail

Technical Support by Phone

[8am-5pm MST]: 1+ (303) 497-8825

Systems Support

[8am-5pm MDT]: 1+ (303) 497-8805

Providing Feedback

Are you having trouble finding something, or do you have a suggestion for a new tool or interactive feature we might want to offer our users? We welcome your comments.

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