Satellite Mass Store Query Tool

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Data Management & Services
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Susan Stringer
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This tool provided a web interface to our GOES satellite archive holdings on the NCAR HPSS System. A full and ongoing archive of all imager data from GOES-East and -West satellites has been collected since 1999. This tool allows users to browse the archive inventory via a web browser and uses relevant metadata such as scan mode, scan time, sector, file size and directory path to help the user narrow their search. The tool also allows users to order data files for pickup via anonymous ftp.
Data Stewardship
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As needed


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This tool was developed by a student in the early 2000's. It was maintained by Greg Stossmeister and Susan Stringer. Susan upgraded it in the mid 2000's to allow users not just to view the inventory but to order data (without an NCAR acct) as well. There is currently a limit on the number of GB that can be ordered in a single session. That limit is 5 GB.