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Project # 2007-114 PASE

Pacific Atmospheric Sulfur Experiment

Principal Investigator(s):  Alan Bandy, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

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Aircraft Output Variable List

If a variable name shows a hyperlink, clicking on it will display information from RAF Bulletin No. 9

Reference Variables
Description Units Name
Reference Altitude: MSLmALTX
Reference Ambient Temperaturedeg_CATX
Reference Total Temperaturedeg_CTTX
Reference Ambient Static PressurehPaPSXC
Reference Dew Point Temperaturedeg_CDPXC
Reference Corrected Dynamic PressurehPaQCXC
Reference Raw Dynamic PressurehPaQCX
Reference True Air Speedm/sTASX
Reference Liquid Water Contentgram/m3PLWCC1
GPS Corrected Inertial Latitudedegree_NLATC
GPS Corrected Inertial Longitudedegree_ELONC
GPS Corrected Horizontal Wind Speedm/sWSC
GPS Corrected Horizontal Wind Directiondegree_TWDC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, East Componentm/sUIC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, North Componentm/sVIC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Componentm/sUXC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Componentm/sVYC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Componentm/sWIC
GPS Corrected IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Componentm/sVEWC
GPS Corrected IRS Ground Speed Vector, North Componentm/sVNSC

Standard Variables
Description Units Name
GPS Latitudedegree_NGGLAT
GPS Longitudedegree_EGGLON
Corrected Static Pressure [digital] FuselagehPaPSFDC
Cabin PressurehPaPCAB
Ambient Temperature, Radome Right Sidedeg_CATRR
Ambient Temperature, Radome Left Sidedeg_CATRL
Ambient Temperature, Heated, Wingdeg_CATWH
Corrected Dew Point Temperature, Top Fuselagedeg_CDPTC
Corrected Dew Point Temperature, Bot Fuselagedeg_CDPBC
Corrected Dew Point Temperature, Fast Hygrometerdeg_CDPLA
Inertial Horizontal Wind Speed, Radomem/sWS
Inertial Horizontal Wind Direction, Radomedegree_TWD
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome East Componentm/sUI
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome North Componentm/sVI
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Longitudinal Componentm/sUX
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Lateral Componentm/sVY
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Vertical Gust Componentm/sWI
Pressure Altitude: MSLmPALT
Pressure Altitude: MSLfeetPALTF
Radar Altitude: AGLmHGM232
Potential TemperatureKTHETA
Equivalent Potential TemperatureKTHETAE
Absolute Humidity, Topgram/m3RHODT
Raw Absolute Humidity, Fast Hygrometergram/m3RHOUV
Corrected Absolute Humidity, Fast Hygrometergram/m3ATC
Relative Humidity, Reference%RHUM
Mixing Ratio, Referencegram/kgMR
Mixing Ratio, Fast Hygrometergram/kgMRLA
Mixing Ratio, Laser Hygrometergram/kgMRLH
Radiometric Surface Temperature-1, Referencedeg_CRSTB
Radiometric Surface Temperature-2, Rawdeg_CRSTB1
Radiometric Sky Temperaturedeg_CRSTT
Altitude-Corrected Surface Temperaturedeg_CTSURF
Shortwave Irradiance, TopW/m2SWT
Shortwave Irradiance, BottomW/m2SWB
Infrared Irradiance, TopW/m2IRTC
Infrared Irradiance, BottomW/m2IRBC
Ultraviolet Irradiance, TopW/m2UVT
Ultraviolet Irradiance, BottomW/m2UVB
TSI CN Particle Concentration [Sampling Size Range: 0.01 to 3 µm]n/cm3CONCN
SPP-100 (FSSP-100) Cloud Particle Concentration [Sampling Size Range: 3 to 45 µm]n/cm3CONCF_RWO
SPP-200 (PCASP) Aerosol Particle Concentration [Sampling Size Range: 0.12 to 3.12 µm]n/cm3CONCP_RPO
SPP-300 (FSSP-300) Aerosol Particle Concentration [Sampling Size Range: 0.3 to 20 µm]n/cm3CONC3_RPI
260X Cloud Droplet Concentration [Sampling Size Range: 50 to 640 µm]n/lCONC6_RWI
SPP-100 (FSSP-100) Mean Particle DiameterµmDBARF_RWO
SPP-200 (PCASP) Mean Particle DiameterµmDBARP_RPO
SPP-200 (FSSP-300) Mean Particle DiameterµmDBAR3_RPI
260X Mean Droplet DiameterµmDBAR6_RWI
SPP-100 (FSSP-100) Water/Ice Contentgram/m3PLWCF_RWO
Raw IRS Latitudedegree_NLAT
Raw IRS Longitudedegree_ELON
Aircraft True Headingdegree_TTHDG
Aircraft Roll Attitude AngledegreeROLL
Aircraft Pitch Attitude AngledegreePITCH
Aircraft IRS Vertical Velocitym/sVSPD
Damped Aircraft Vertical Velocitym/sWP3
IRS Ground Speedm/sGSF
IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Componentm/sVEW
IRS Ground Speed Vector, North Componentm/sVNS
GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Componentm/sGGVEW
GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Componentm/sGGVNS
GPS Ground Speedm/sGGSPD
Aircraft True Airspeed, Fuselagem/sTASF
Aircraft True Airspeed, Radomem/sTASR
Aircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Correctedm/sTASHC
Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Left FuselagehPaQCFC
Corrected Dynamic Pressure, RadomehPaQCRC
Raw Dynamic Pressure, Left FuselagehPaQCF
Raw Dynamic Pressure, RadomehPaQCR
Attack Angle, Radome Differential PressuredegreeAKRD
Sideslip Angle, Radome Differential PressuredegreeSSRD
Vertical Differential Pressure, RadomehPaADIFR
Horizontal Differential Pressure, RadomehPaBDIFR
Raw Static Pressure, (digital) FuselagehPaPSFD
Total Temperature, Radome Rightdeg_CTTRR
Total Temperature, Radome Leftdeg_CTTRL
Total Temperature, Heated, Wingdeg_CTTWH
Raw Dew Point Temperature, Fuselage Topdeg_CDPT
Raw Dew Point Temperature, Fuselage Botdeg_CDPB
Raw IR Irradiance, TopW/m2IRT
Raw IR Irradiance, BotW/m2IRB
Top Pyrgeometer Dome Tempdeg_CDTT
Top Pyrgeometer Sink Tempdeg_CSTT
Bottom Pyrgeometer Dome Tempdeg_CDTB
Bottom Pyrgeometer Sink Tempdeg_CSTB
Raw King Probe Liquid Water ContentwattsPLWC1
TSI 3760 CN Counter OutputcountCNTS
TSI 3760 CN Counter Flow, RawslpmFCN
TSI 3760 CN Counter Sampling PressurehPaPCN
TSI 3760 CN Counter Sampling Temperaturedeg_CCNTEMP
TSI 3760 CN Counter Corrected FlowslpmFCNC

Specialty Variables
Description Units Name
RAF Fast Humidity SignalVdcXUVI
RAF Fast Humidity Sample PressurehPaXUVP
RAF Fast Humidity Sample Temperaturedeg_CXUVT
RAF Carbon Monoxide ConcentrationppbCO_MR
RAF Carbon Monoxide Sample FlowsccmFO3_MR
RAF TECO Ozone ConcentrationppbTEO3C
RAF TECO Ozone Sample PressurehPaTEO3P

User Variables
Description Units Name
Univ. of Hawaii Heated CN Concentrationn/cm3XCNHOT
Univ. of Hawaii Unheated CN Concentrationn/cm3XCNCOLD
Univ. of Hawaii Ultra-fine CN Concentrationn/cm3XUCN
Univ. of Hawaii Raw Nephelometer OutputVdcXNEPH
Univ. of Hawaii Corrected Nephelometer Outputmm-1XNEPHC
Total Air Sampler FlowslpmXTASF

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