Bulletin No. 9


RAF netCDF Information

The Research Aviation Facility (RAF) uses an in-house-developed data-processing software processor called NIMBUS. Unlike our previous software (GENPRO), NIMBUS has the ability to adjust automatically to the many and varied RAF research instrumentation configurations, and its windowed interface makes the software easier to use.

NIMBUS output uses the Network Common Data Form (netCDF). Access to netCDF data is via a public-domain library of programs and subroutines which provide common C and FORTRAN interfaces for storing and retrieving scientific data from a disk file. The NIMBUS netCDF file, if on a tape, first must be transferred to a disk file before it can be accessed.

The netCDF software library, as well as documentation and consulting support, can be obtained from UCAR's Unidata Program. If you have access to a Web Browser, extensive information is available from the URL http://my.unidata.ucar.edu/content/software/netcdf/. The complete netCDF library can be acquired via anonymous ftp from the machine ftp.unidata.ucar.edu in the compressed UNIX tar file "netcdf.tar.Z" or the zipped Windows file "netcdf.ZIP."

RAF has registered its specific netCDF NIMBUS conventions with Unidata. They can be found at the URL http://www.eol.ucar.edu/raf/Software/netCDF.html.

netCDF was developed at UCAR by the Unidata Program (sponsored by the National Science Foundation) and employs concepts from the NASA-developed Common Data Format. Details of the netCDF can be found in the "NetCDF User's Guide" (NCAR Technical Note, NCAR/TN-334+IA, NTIS # PB90 132275); it is also part of the netCDF software distribution. RAF recommends that you obtain netCDF software from Unidata and have your system administrator (with help from Unidata consultants, if needed) install it on your computer system. Unidata support for netCDF may be obtained via the Internet by sending email to support@unidata.ncar.edu.

RAF will develop a library of utilities for converting to/from other formats and netCDF as time and programming resources permit. If you have questions, please contact the RAF Data Manager, Ronald L. Ruth, by phone [(303)497-1084] or Internet email.

netCDF File Header Example

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