RAF Instruments

Title Short Name or Variable Name
2-channel chemiluminescence instrument (NO-NO2 or NO-NOy) NO-NO2/NO-NOy
ADC Ambient Air Temperature AT_A, AT_A2
Advanced Whole Air Sampler AWAS
Airborne Oxygen Instrument AO2
Aircraft Data System ADS
All Weather Wind Gust Pod TASX
Ambient Static Pressure PSF, PSFD, PSFRD
Applanix Applanix
Automatic Giant Nuclei Impactor Auto-GNI
Broadband Radiometers Pyrgeometers and Pyranometers
Buck CR-2 Cryogenic Hygrometer CR2
Cabin Pressure PCAB
Cabin Temperature at ADS Rack Location TCAB
Cloud Droplet Probe CDP
Condensation Nucleus Counter (butanol) CN, CPC
Counter-flow Virtual Impactor inlet CVI
Differential GPS ground station DGPS
Digital Imagery Digital Video
Duplicate: Picarro Instrument for Airborne Measurement of CO2 and CH4 Duplicate: CO2_PIC, CH4_PIC
Dynamic Pressure QCF, QCR (also QCFR on the C-130)
Georgia Tech Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer GT CIMS
Giant Nuclei Impactor GNI
GNSS Instrument System for Multi-static and Occultation Sensing GISMOS
Heated Ambient Temperature Sensor RTHx, ATHx (where x can be 1-4)
Heimann KT19.85 Radiation Pyrometer KT19
HIAPER Aerosol Spectrometer Probe, Optical Particle Counter OPC, HASP
HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package HARP
HIAPER Modular Inlet HIMIL
High Rate Ambient Temperature Sensor RTF1, ATF1
Holographic Detector for Clouds HOLODEC
In-Cloud Air Temperature Radiometer ITR
Inertial Navigation System, A.K.A Inertial Reference Unit IRU
Instrument Exhaust Gas Dump Pressure PDump
King (CSIRO) Liquid Water Sensor King Probe
Laser Air Motion Sensor (LAMS) LAMS-1 or LAMS-3
Microwave Temperature Profiler MTP
NCAR / Scripps Airborne Flask Sampler Medusa
Nitric Oxide Chemiluminescence Ozone Instrument FO3_ACD
Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe PCASP, S200
Picarro Instrument for Airborne Measurement of CO2 and CH4 CO2_PIC, CH4_PIC
Radar Altimeter radar altimeter
Radome Gust Probe for 3-D wind measurements. ADIFR, BDIFR, QCRC
RAF Ozone Photometer OP-1, OP-2
Research Global Positioning System GPS
Rosemount Icing Detector RICE
Satellite Communications System SATCOM SBB
Solid Diffuser Aerosol Inlet SDI
Thermo-electronic Dew Point Sensor DPx
Time Server Time
Trace Organic Gas Analyzer TOGA
Two-Dimensional Optical Array Cloud Probe 2DC or 2D OAP
Two-Dimensional, Stereo, Particle Imaging Probe 2D-S
Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer UHSAS
Ultraviolet absorption hygrometer UV Hygrometer, UVH, Lyman-alpha hygrometer
Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Hygrometer VCSEL
Water Vapor Isotopic Analyzer WVISO