Submit a Letter of Interest

Investigators are required to submit a Letter of Interest (LoI), no later than 15 September, for projects to be submitted for consideration at the Spring OFAP meeting and no later than 1 March for those to be submitted for consideration at the Fall OFAP meeting.  LoI submission is encouraged earlier than these deadlines, when possible.  

Letters of Interest will be reviewed by NSF program staff and by facility managers, and the information contained therein will be used to determine whether a proposed project falls into the "small" or "large" category.  PIs can expect a response to their LoIs within three weeks of submission.  

Once EOL receives the Letter of Intent, the project will be listed on the LAOF Long-term Planning Schedule ("LAOF Queue").  Early notification helps NSF and the LAOF providers address long-term project and facility needs. It also allows facility staff to get involved early in the planning process and provide valuable advice and guidance as needed.

The following information must be provided in the LoI, which should be submitted by e-mail to the LAOF Request Coordinator Alison Rockwell ( and the LAOF Program Manager Shree Mishra ( 

  • Project name and acronym
  • PIs and Co-PIs
  • A short summary of the scientific goals of the project
  • Project location
  • Start and end dates of the field campaign
  • Facilities to be requested
  • The number of proposals planned to be submitted to NSF; if planning collaborative proposals, please indicate the number of institutions involved in each.
  • Expected involvement of other funding agencies, whether domestic or international
  • NSF Science Program to receive the proposal(s)


Contact Information: 
Alison Rockwell
(303) 497-8758