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HAIS Instrument: 

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Recent Projects That Used This Instrument: 
All projects since August 2009
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Not Available
Operational Status: 
requestable, ready for deployment
Lead Contact: 
Chris Webster
Alternate Contact: 
Catherine Dewerd
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This is a tool for situational awareness. It provides real-time aircraft track plot overlayed on a map. Other layers can be added, such as NEXRAD, IR, and visible satellite data.

General Description: 
  • The mission coordinator is a web-based situational awereness tool. It runs on the ground and onboard the aircraft, and is designed to provide the same information in both places. The mission coordinator stations leverage existing hardware both onboard and on the ground. The aircraft main data acquisition server is used on board, and a combination of the EOL web server and are used on the ground. OpenStreetMaps is used as the base map, and OpenLayers is used provide GIS type layering of KML products (imagery or KML files) similar to Google Earth.

  • Map, IR, model output, lightning (dash marks), overshooting cloud tops (squares), track, AVAPS wind barbs:
  • Map, Visible Satellite, NEXRAD, lightning, and three aircraft tracks: