Current Letters of Interest

Updated 16 September 2020

Investigators are required to submit a Letter of Interest (LoI) to the NSF LAOF Program Director and the LAOF Request Coordinator by no later than 15 September (FY-3) for large campaigns and 1 March (FY-2) / 15 September (FY-2) for small campaigns.


AQUARIUS | Air Quality Research in the Western US

  • Scientific focus: Wintertime particulate matter in mountain basins
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130
  • Lead Investigator: Gannet Hallar (U. of Utah) et al.
  • Deployment dates: Dec 2021–Feb 2022
  • Deployment location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/ PDM and Atmospheric Chemistry 


ARISE | Assessment of Renewable energy ImpactS on the Environment

  • Scientific focus: Wind farm wake structure variations.
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, ISFS, MPD (with Special Funds)
  • Lead Investigator: Julie K. Lundquist (CU, Boulder) and G. Valerio Iungo (UT, Dallas)
  • Deployment dates: Spring 2023
  • Deployment location: Oklahoma and southern Kansas
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/ PDM


CAVEAT-Q | Characterization of Atmospheric Variability, Evolution, And Thermodynamics preceding QLCSs

  • Scientific focus: Lower-tropospheric environment ahead of cold-season Quasi-Linear Convective Systems
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCL
  • Lead Investigators: Kevin Knupp, University of Alabama in Huntsville; Bart Geerts, University of Wyoming; Michael Biggerstaff, University of Oklahoma; Zhien Wang, University of Colorado 
  • Deployment dates: 1 Nov–23 Dec TBD
  • Deployment location: Southeastern U.S.
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


CFACT | Cold Fog Amongst Complex Terrain

  • Scientific focus: Enhance the physical understanding of cold fog
  • LAOF requested: ISFS, ISS, MDP, DLB-HSRL
  • Lead Investigators: Zhaoxia Pu and Eric Pardyjak (U. of Utah)
  • Deployment dates: 15 Jan–28 Feb 2022
  • Deployment location: Herber Valley, Utah
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


ICECHIP | In-Situ Collaborative Experiment for Collection of Hail In the Plains

  • Scientific focus: Characteristics of hailstones
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCR, S-Pol
  • Lead Investigator: Becky Adams-Selin (Atmospheric and Environmental Research)
  • Deployment dates: EOP1: June 2023, EOP2: May/June 2024
  • Deployment location: EOP1: CO, WY, EOP2: KS,OK,TX
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


M2HATS | Multi-point MOST Horizontal Array Turbulence Study

  • Scientific focus: Atmospheric boundary layer
  • LAOF requested: NCAR ISFS
  • Lead Investigators: Chenning Tong (Clemson U.) and Shane Mayor (California State U. at Chico)
  • Deployment dates: 8 weeks in Jun–Aug 2022
  • Deployment location: Kettleman City, California
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


PROMO | PRecipitation Over Multiridge Orography

  • Scientific focus: Precipitation across complex, multiridge topography
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCR, WCL, CSWR DOW & COW
  • Lead Investigators: Jim Steenburgh (U. of Utah), David Kingsmill (U. of Colorado) and Bart Geerts (U. of Wyoming)
  • Deployment dates: 8-week period between 1 December TBD and 1 March TBD
  • Deployment location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


TEAMx-US | Transport and Exchange processes in the Atmosphere over Mountains – US contributions

  • Scientific focus: Variability of the mountain boundary layer
  • Lead Investigators: Stephan De Wekker (U. of Virginia), Neil Lareau (U. of Nevada), Dan Kirshbaum (McGill U.), Bart Geerts (U. of Wyoming), Joe Fernando (U. of Notre Dame), Sebastian Hoch (U. of Utah), Julie Lundquist (U. of Colorado)
  • Deployment dates: 1 June–31 July 2024
  • Deployment location: Innsbruck, Austria
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM