Current Letters of Interest

Updated 11 Nov 2019

Investigators are required to submit a Letter of Interest (LoI) to the NSF LAOF Program Director and the LAOF Request Coordinator by no later than 15 September (FY-3) for large campaigns and 1 March (FY-2) / 15 September (FY-2) for small campaigns.


APART | Ammonia Phase Partitioning and Transport

  • Scientific focus: Atmospheric chemistry
  • LAOF requested: UWKA
  • Lead Investigators: Emily V. Fischer, Ilana B. Pollack, and Amy P. Sullivan (Colorado State U.)
  • Deployment dates: 1 Apr–15 Jun 2021
  • Deployment location: Colorado Front Range
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry


AQUARIUS | Air Quality Research in the Western US

  • Scientific focus: Wintertime particulate matter in mountain basins
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130
  • Lead Investigator: Gannet Hallar (U. of Utah) et al.
  • Deployment dates: Dec 2021–Feb 2022
  • Deployment location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/ PDM and Atmospheric Chemistry 


BBICCMBiogeophysical and Biogeochemical Impact of Cover Crop Management

  • Scientific focus: Agriculture management
  • LAOF requested: ISFS
  • Lead Investigator: Danica Lombardozzi (NCAR/CGD) et al.
  • Deployment date: Oct 2020–Apr 2021
  • Deployment location: Colorado
  • NSF Science Program: tbd


BOREADS | Boreal Organic Reactivity, Emissions, And Deposition Study

  • Scientific focus: Exchange rate of monoterpenes and oxidation products
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130
  • Lead Investigator: T. Bertram (U. Wisconsin/Madison)
  • Deployment date: 1 Jun–15 Jul 2021
  • Deployment location: Ontario Canada
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry


CAESAR | Cold Air outbreaks Experiment in the Sub-Arctic Region

  • Scientific focus: Characterization of cold-air outbreak cloud regime over the Arctic
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130, AVAPS, HAIS, WCR, WCL
  • Lead Investigators: Paquita Zuidema (U. of Miami), Greg McFarquhar (U. of Oklahoma), and Bart Geerts (U. of Wyoming)
  • Deployment dates: ~19 Feb–4 Apr 2022
  • Deployment location: Kiruna, Sweden or Andenes, Norway
  • NSF Science Program: tbd


CG WaveSConvective Gravity Waves in the Stratosphere

  • Scientific focus: Convective gravity wave generation, propagation, and variability
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR GV
  • Lead Investigator: Dave Fritts (GATS), Biff Williams (GATS), Tom Lund (GATS), Mel Nicholls (CU, Boulder), and Warren Smith (NCAR)
  • Deployment dates: May or June 2021
  • Deployment location: North central U.S. plains
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


CHACHA | CHemistry in the Arctic: Clouds, Halogens, and Aerosols

  • Scientific focus: Halogen chemistry and its connections to aerosols and clouds
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, AVAPS
  • Lead Investigator: Paul Shepson (Stony Brook U.)
  • Deployment dates: 15 Feb–16 Apr 2021
  • Deployment location: Utqiaġvik, AK
  • NSF Science Program: OPP and AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry


ESCAPEExperiment of Sea Breeze Convection, Aerosols, Precipitation and Environment

  • Scientific focus: Lifecycle of convective storms and aerosol interactions
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCR, COW, DOWs, soundings
  • Lead Investigators: Pavlos Kollias (Stony Brook U.)
  • Deployment date: 10 July - 30 August 2021
  • Deployment location: Houston, TX
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


GOTHAMM | Greater NY Oxidant, Tropospheric Halogens, and Aerosol Measurements and Modeling

  • Scientific focus: Biogeochemical interactions in urban, rural, and marine regions
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130, HAIS instruments
  • Lead Investigator: John Mak (Stony Brook U.)
  • Deployment dates: 25 Jun–5 Aug 2021
  • Deployment location: Greater New York City region
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry


LANGOSTINO | Limited-Area Network of Ground-based Observations of Snowbands and Transition zones In NOr’easters

  • Scientific focus: Winter cyclones 
  • LAOF requested: CSWR DOWs, Mobile Mesonets, Pods, and sounding expendables
  • Lead Investigators: Karen Kosiba (CSWR), Matt Kumjian (PSU), Kelly Lombardo (PSU), Steven Greybush (PSU), Mike French (SUNY Stonybrook), and Josh Wurman (CSWR)
  • Deployment dates: 5 Jan–15 Mar 2021
  • Deployment location: Coastal New England
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM

M2HATS | Multi-point MOST Horizontal Array Turbulence Study

  • Scientific focus: Atmospheric boundary layer
  • LAOF requested: NCAR ISFS
  • Lead Investigators: Chenning Tong (Clemson U.) and Shane Mayor (California State U. at Chico)
  • Deployment dates: Jun–Aug 2021
  • Deployment location: Kettleman City, California
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


PILSNER | Project to Investigate quasi-Linear Storms, Near Environment, and Rotation

  • Scientific focus: Forecasting tornadoes in quasi-linear convective systems
  • LAOF requested:  CSWR COW, DOW, MM, Pods, soundings
  • Lead Investigator: Karen Kosiba (CSWR), Robert Trapp (UIUC), and Matt Parker (NCSU)
  • Deployment dates: 1 Mar–15 May 2021 and 1 Mar–15 May 2022
  • Deployment location: Southeastern U.S.
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


Project Terminus

  • Scientific focus: Subtropical marine low cloud deck
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR GV, HCR, HSR, AVAPS
  • Lead Investigators: S. Yuter (NCSU) and P. Zuidema (U. Miami)
  • Deployment dates: May 2022 or 2023
  • Deployment location: SE Atlantic (off-shore Namibia, Angola)
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/CLD and PDM


RaDFIRE2 | Rapid Deployment to Wildfires 2

  • Scientific focus: Fire-atmosphere interactions contributing to rapid wildfire growth
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCL, WCR, CSWR DOW
  • Lead Investigators: Craig Clements (San Jose State U.), David Kingsmill (U. of Colorado), Neil Lareau (U. of Nevada), and Adam Kochanski (U. of Utah)
  • Deployment dates: 15 Jul–15 Sep 2021
  • Deployment location: Redding, CA
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry


TI3GER | Technological Innovation Into Iodine and GV Environmental Research

  • Scientific focus: Technological Innovation: Iodine and Growing Nanoparticles
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR GV
  • Lead Investigators: R. Volkamer (PI)
  • Deployment date: 1 Jan–31 May 2021
  • Deployment location: Jeffco, CO; Kona, HI
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/Atmospheric Chemistry