Current Letters of Interest

Updated 1 December 2020

Investigators are required to submit a Letter of Interest (LoI) to the NSF LAOF Program Director and the LAOF Request Coordinator by no later than 15 September (FY-3) for large campaigns and 1 March (FY-2) / 15 September (FY-2) for small campaigns.

AMELiA | Airborne Mapping the Elements of Life in the Atmosphere

  • Scientific focus: Seasonal and interannual varying distributions CO2, O2, CH4, H2O isotopologues
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR HIAPER GV
  • Lead Investigator: Britton Stephens (NCAR/EOL)
  • Deployment dates: multiple 2.5 week deployments 2021-2026
  • Deployment locations: Hawaii and Alaska
  • NSF Science Program: NSF GCR

AQUARIUS | Air Quality Research in the Western US

  • Scientific focus: Wintertime particulate matter in mountain basins
  • LAOF requested: NSF/NCAR C-130
  • Lead Investigator: Gannet Hallar (U. of Utah)
  • Deployment dates: Dec 2021–Feb 2022
  • Deployment location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/ PDM and Atmospheric Chemistry 


ARISE | Assessment of Renewable energy ImpactS on the Environment

  • Scientific focus: Wind farm wake structure variations.
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, ISFS, MPD (with Special Funds)
  • Lead Investigator: Julie K. Lundquist (CU, Boulder) and G. Valerio Iungo (UT, Dallas)
  • Deployment dates: Spring 2023
  • Deployment location: Oklahoma and southern Kansas
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/ PDM


CAVEAT-Q | Characterization of Atmospheric Variability, Evolution, And Thermodynamics preceding QLCSs

  • Scientific focus: Lower-tropospheric environment ahead of cold-season Quasi-Linear Convective Systems
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCL
  • Lead Investigator: Kevin Knupp (University of Alabama in Huntsville) 
  • Deployment dates: 1 Nov–23 Dec TBD
  • Deployment location: Southeastern U.S.
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


ICECHIP | In-Situ Collaborative Experiment for Collection of Hail In the Plains

  • Scientific focus: Characteristics of hailstones
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCR, S-Pol
  • Lead Investigator: Becky Adams-Selin (Atmospheric and Environmental Research)
  • Deployment dates: EOP1: June 2023, EOP2: May/June 2024
  • Deployment location: EOP1: CO, WY, EOP2: KS,OK,TX
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


M2HATS | Multi-point MOST Horizontal Array Turbulence Study

  • Scientific focus: Atmospheric boundary layer
  • LAOF requested: NCAR ISFS
  • Lead Investigators: Chenning Tong (Clemson U.) and Shane Mayor (California State U. at Chico)
  • Deployment dates: 8 weeks in Jun–Aug 2022
  • Deployment location: Kettleman City, California
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


PROMO | PRecipitation Over Multiridge Orography

  • Scientific focus: Precipitation across complex, multiridge topography
  • LAOF requested: UWKA, WCR, WCL, CSWR DOW & COW
  • Lead Investigators: Jim Steenburgh (U. of Utah)
  • Deployment dates: 8-week period between 1 December TBD and 1 March TBD
  • Deployment location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM


TEAMx-US | Transport and Exchange processes in the Atmosphere over Mountains – US contributions

  • Scientific focus: Variability of the mountain boundary layer
  • Lead Investigators: Stephan De Wekker (U. of Virginia)
  • Deployment dates: 1 June–31 July 2024
  • Deployment location: Innsbruck, Austria
  • NSF Science Program: AGS/PDM