Submit a Request for Preliminary Cost Estimates

Since the process for considering requests and setting priorities is determined on the basis of the complexity of a field campaign, investigators are encouraged to contact facility managers early to determine the overall cost and size of a project.

If the request is for a large campaign, NSF requires investigators to include preliminary cost estimates in the Scientific Program Overview (SPO). Specifically, Section I "Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources" calls for a table that shows all field facilities to be requested (from all sources), the anticipated sponsors of those facilities (organization and a specific contact person), and the status of those requests (e.g., to be submitted; under consideration; approved). For all facilities that NSF will be asked to sponsor, this table also must contain an estimate of the cost of deploying this facility. 

The estimate included in the SPO must be provided to the science team by the appropriate facility managers. The principal investigator is therefore responsible for requesting these estimates either through the LAOF Request Coordinator or from each of the appropriate facility managers. The deadline for requesting these cost estimates from the LAOF Partner Organizations is no later than 15 November two years ahead of the campaign and prior to the 15 January SPO submission deadline.

To request the preliminary cost estimates, please provide the following information as applicable. The more detail you can provide, the more accurate our estimates will be.


Aircraft Request

  • Which aircraft will you request? 
  • What are the dates of aircraft operations?
  • Where will the aircraft be based?
  • Will you request any of the following specialized airborne instruments: HCR, HSRL, WCR, WCL?
  • Will you request any HAIS instrument and if yes, which ones?
  • Will you request a dropsonde system and if yes, how many dropsondes are needed?
  • How many research flight hours do you need?
  • Do you require a single or a double flight crew?
  • Are you requesting night-time operations?


Ground-based Radar and LIDAR Request

  • Which radar(s) or lidar(s) will you request?
  • If applicable, how many systems will you need? 
  • What are the dates of radar/lidar operations?
  • Where will the radar/lidar be based?
  • What are the standard hours of operations?
  • Will you provide personnel to help with operations?
  • Are you requesting night-time operations?


Ground-based Surface and Sounding Systems

  • Which system(s) will you request?
  • How many systems will you request?
  • What are the dates of operations?
  • Where will the systems be located?
  • Will you conduct mobile or fixed operations?
  • How many expendables do you need?
  • Will you conduct Intensive Observing Periods and if yes, how many?
  • What are the requested hours of operation?


EOL Support Services

  • Do you need an Operations Center and how many people will be located there?
  • Do you have any special display needs at the Operations Center?
  • Do you need an EOL Field Catalog?
  • Will you conduct a Dry Run ahead of the campaign?
  • Do you want EOL to lead campaign data management activities?
  • Do you want EOL to provide the long-term data archive for your project?
  • Is there a need for site management and logistics support above and beyond what is provided as part of the LAOF support?
  • Will you require aircraft coordination?
  • Will you request help with E&O activities?


Contact Information: Alison Rockwell ( / (303) 497-8758)