FRONT S-Pol Data Availability for 2014/2015

The FRONT experiments

Under the general label of FRONT, there were five experiments:

  • LATTE   Feb 2014   (Chilson)
  • FRONT-ROSE   20-May to 20-Jun, 2014  (Yuter)
  • FRONT-DE2     1-31 July 2014  (Hubbert)
  • FRONT-STEP   1-15 Aug2014   (Sun/Roberts)
  • MASCRAD       1 Nov 2014 to 31 Mar 2015 for winter storms  (Bringi)

The LATTE component collected a large amount of time series data.  ROSE was operational mostly during late afternoons in May/June.  FRONT-DE2 ran for a number of 24-hour periods, partly for testing and de-bugging of the newer "unattended operations" and remote scan control/coordination features.  FRONT-DE2 also logged a good amount of time series data.  STEP collected relatively little data, a function of uncooperative weather.  MASCRAD operated only during very limited episodes over its five-month period.

In the table below, days when data were logged are shown in green (S-Pol and CHILL are shown in 3-hour intervals).  Fast internet connections, combined with automated logging and product generation, enabled collection of over 10.2 TB (over 17.5 TB when time series data are considered) of data for the entire 16-months of FRONT operations.