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A Proposal to Develop an NCAR Ice Initiative


Ice initiation processes in clouds are poorly understood. This results in large uncertainties in modeling the production of precipitation and predicting climate changes. Recent advances in observational tools, laboratory cloud simulation chambers, numerical models, and computer hardware provide new capabilities to understand and model ice initiation processes. The goal of this activity is to develop a strategic approach to ice initiation research, with considerable input from the university community including graduate students.

In 2003, Heymsfield, Rogers and Stith received one year's funding from the NCAR Opportunity Fund to pursue this work. More detail is in the Opportunity Fund Proposal  (or Summary only). As part of the first year's activities, a steering committee was formed, and plans were developed to pursue collaborative research in this area, as described on this web page.

Activities 2004

Activities 2005

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Activities 2007

  • ICE-L the Ice in Clouds Experiment - Layer clouds (Nov-Dec 2007, NSF/NCAR C-130); ICE-L web site

Activities 2008

  • ICE-L the Ice in Clouds Experiment - Layer clouds Science Workshop (Sep 8-10, NCAR); agenda

Activities 2011 

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