March 29, 2015 to April 12, 2015
Project Location: 
Lincoln, NE
Project Description: 
University of Nebraska DOW Education and Outreach (UNDEO 2015)

Principle Investigator: Dr. Adam Houston
Where: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
When: 29 March - 12 April 2015
Facility: Doppler on Wheels
Proposal: UNDEO 4 Proposal
Final ReportUNDEO 4 Final Report


The 2015 University of Nebraska DOW Education and Outreach (UNDEO-2015) project was a 14-day educational deployment of a Doppler on Wheels mobile radar conducted in the spring of 2015 and based out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The principal objectives of UNDEO-2015 were as follows:

  1. Education: To provide undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Radar Meteorology an opportunity to use a sophisticated research radar to collect data for student research projects
  2. Outreach: To exhibit a valuable platform in the NSF deployment pool to a broad audience of current and future scientists, members of the general public, and K-12 students.

During UNDEO-2015 students in Radar Meteorology deployed DOW-6 1) near Columbus, NE where data on multicellular deep convection were collected, 2) near Lincoln, NE where data on rural and urban boundary layers were collected, and 3) near Harper, KS were data on a supercell were collected.  The DOW was also exhibited to 20 undergraduate students in Severe and Hazardous Weather, to ~40 high school students attending the state FFA convention, to ~200 members of the general public attending the 15th annual Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium, and to ~20 undergraduate students enrolled in The Dynamic Planet: Hazards in the Environment (a geography course offered at the University of Nebraska at Kearney) along with ~80 members of the general public who attended a showing of Twister at “The World Theater” in Kearney, NE. The complete schedule of activities that occurred as part of UNDEO-2015 is listed in Table 1.