April 8, 2012 to April 29, 2012
Project Location: 
Urbana, IL
Project Description: 

University of Illinois DOW Education, Research and Outreach Project :: UIDOW 2

Principal Investigator :: Dr. Bob Rauber
Where :: University of Illinios - Urbana, IL
When :: 8 - 28 April 2012
Facility :: Doppler On Wheels

The Doppler on Wheels (DOW) will deployed for 21 days to the University of Urbana-Champaign for classroom-instruction, outreach, and research during the Spring of 2012.

The University of Illinois DOW Education, Research and Outreach (UIDOW) Project has three principal objectives:

  1. Enhance instruction in ATMS 410, Radar Meteorology, ATMS 505, Weather Systems, ATMS 313, Synoptic Weather Forecasting, ATMS 314 Mesoscale Dynamics, and ATMS 201 General Physical Meteorology

The primary course to use the DOW will be ATMS 410, radar meteorology. ATMS 410 is a comprehensive radar meteorology course that covers principles of radar, including conventional, Doppler, and polarization radar, precipitation measurement and microphysical interpretation of radar data, Doppler processing including VAD analysis, dual Doppler radar analysis, radar profiling, airborne meteorological radars and spaceborne meteorological radars.

Placing a DOW on campus would allow the university to introduce an entire class of 40-50 students to radar operations in the context of early winter precipitation events. These data would also allow the students to exercise software such as SOLO and CEDRIC that would allow them to experience the basics of radar processing. We can arrange to have the Lincoln WSFO scan using VCP-11 so that limited dual Doppler data could be collected, albeit on a long baseline. About 35 undergraduates and 15 graduates are expected to enroll in the course. Data from the radar will also be used in class projects.

  1. Introduce a broad spectrum of students to state of the art meteorological radar technology

The DOW will be located on the University of Illinois campus near the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and tours will be given to large survey classes, ATMS 100 and ATMS 120.

  1. Provide data for research analysis in ATMS 492 Capstone Experience for Seniors

Every graduate in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois is required to have a senior capstone research or professional experience. The DOW will serve as a vehicle to conduct research experiences for 4-6 undergraduates. These students would learn to operate the radar during its stay at the University, operate during a storm during the 3 week period, and subsequently analyze the data to study some aspect of storm structure. The study would be tailored to scientific questions related to the observed storm modes. For example, if a winter cyclone passed through, the focus may be on banding; if an arctic front passed through the radar domain, the focus may be on frontal structure; if late season convection occurs, the focus may be on mesoscale structure of the observed convective system.

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UIDOW2 Final Report

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was awarded a 17-day campus deployment of a Doppler on Wheels (DOW) for classroom-instruction (in ATMS 410, Radar Meteorology, ATMS 313 Mesoscale Meteorology, and ATMS 505 Weather Analysis and Forecasting), outreach (tours of the facility to undergraduates in ATMS 100, General Meteorology and ATMS 120, Severe and Hazardous Weather, and to the public, as well as visits to a middle school), and research (the plan was for undergraduates will use the data for ATMS 492, Capstone Undergraduate Research Experience, in Fall 2012). This report summarizes the activities and outcomes of the deployment and serves as the final report for the project.

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