March 30, 2016 to April 7, 2016
Project Location: 
Millersville, PA
Funding Type: 
NSF Funded
Project Description: 
Millersville University Educational DOW (MEDOW)

Principle Investigators: Sepideh Yalda and Ashley Orehek [student]
Where: Millersville University, Millersville, PA 
When: 30 March - 7 April 2016
Facility: CSWR Doppler on Wheels
Proposal: MEDOW Proposal and Feasibility Analysis
Final Report: MEDOW Final Report



The Doppler on Wheels 6 (DOW 6) visited Millersville University’s campus for the Millersville University Educational DOW (MEDOW) project from March 30th to April 7th. The project was made possible by an Educational Deployment grant sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The project provided opportunities for undergraduate students in the Radar Meteorology course (ESCI 449), Meso- and Storm Scale Meteorology (ESCI 444) and Physical Meteorology course (ESCI 340) for training, participation in observation periods, development of a case study and conference presentation and incorporating the DOW into a number of large and high-impact outreach activities. Additionally, one observation period supported the research idea as stated in the proposal that hazardous weather warnings could be improved and refined if weather radar were operated in the relatively radar-sparse area of the Piedmont section of southeastern PA.

Fig 1. The Center for Severe Weather Research Doppler on Wheels (DOW) at Millersville University.