EOL Administration

EOL's administrative group is responsible for ensuring that all administrative needs are met, including all aspects of budgeting, financial reporting, proposals, meeting and conference support, and field support.
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Project Management Office (PMO)

EOL's experienced group of scientist-turned project managers provides in-depth project management support for primarily complex, multi-agency, domestic, and international campaigns in the field of observational atmospheric sciences and related disciplines. The same skill sets are applied to research and development efforts driven by EOL that require dedicated project management support.
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Computing and Web Infrastructure Group (CWIG)

CWIG is tasked with providing computing infrastructure support to all EOL facilities, staff, and visitors and to maintain the web infrastructure in EOL. CWIG staff routinely implement and support field operations centers for EOL field campaigns.  
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Outreach & Communications Group

EOL offers a range of activities to meet our EPO objectives including engaging students and the general public through field project public outreach, offering undergraduate and community college internships, providing opportunities for visitors to work closely with EOL staff, offering engaging presentations to target audiences, and communicating on a variety of web-based channels. 
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