DMS Mission Statement

The Data Management & Services (DMS) Facility consists of a team of experts providing reliable data and innovative software services to advance earth science, responding to researchers' needs with integrity and passion.

Fosters Scientific Research

DMS fosters scientific research through simple and timely community access to all data collected by EOL observing facilities and the software tools used for data access.




Enables Real-Time Data Access

DMS provides real-time data access and comprehensive field catalogs, integrated displays of data from varying spatial and temporal domains, develops and maintains data management tools and communications infrastructure to facilitate global participation in field experiments, and manages the EOL data archives and fulfills data orders for all EOL platforms as well as data from other groups and agencies.


Develops State-of-the-Art Software

DMS develops and maintains state-of-the-art software systems that connect observing platform datastreams to scientific research for integration, analysis, assimilation, and validation with data from other platforms, models and scientific disciplines.



DMS Activities

The Data Management and Services (DMS) facility is responsible for the development and stewardship of EOL's data services, collaborative tools and software systems, guided by and in service of our community. It is comprised of three divisions:

Collaborative Technologies and Metadata

DMS creates and manages web applications, databases, and other tools to allow people to work together.
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Data Management

DMS provides all facets of scientific data management including data collection, processing, quality assurance/control, archival, long-term data stewardship, and dissemination of information from the activities of National and International field and Research Projects.
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Other DMS Developed Software, Projects and Collaborations

 Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences (CHORDS)

CHORDS  is a collaborative proposal led by EOL and with the University of Michigan, University of Alabama/Huntsville, CSU and Virginia Tech as partners. It is a pilot project that aims to feed real-time data from geoscience observing platforms into a cloud infrastructure to make it more accessible to a broad research community.
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VIVO Linked Open Data Tool

UNAVCO, UCAR, and Cornell University are working together to leverage semantic web technologies to enable discovery of people, datasets, publications, and other research products, as well as the connections between them. The EarthCollab project, an EarthCube Building Block, is enhancing an existing open-source semantic web application, VIVO, to address connectivity gaps across distributed networks of researchers and resources.
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