EOL Seminar: Dual-Pol Data Collection Strategies for Phased Array Weather Radar

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 15:30 to 16:30
FL2-1001 Small Seminar Room
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Steve Oncley
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Dual-Pol Data Collection Strategies for Phased Array Weather Radar


Mark C. Leifer, Ph.D.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

Phased Array RF Technologies group.

Two developments in radar technology have improved the quality of information available from weather radar data—the first is the collection of polarimetric data, the second is the rapid pointing and tasking agility offered by phased array antenna systems. While each of these technologies has been deployed separately into radar systems such as the WSR-88D NEXRAD weather radar and the SPY-1 shipborne radar, today it is feasible to talk of combining them in a new generation of weather radar instruments. The fact that phased arrays differ from dishes in key aspects of architecture, operation and hardware opens opportunities for new ways of collecting dual-polarized data. This talk will discuss Ball Aerospace’s recent investigations into dual-pol data collection approaches for the proposed NOAA/FAA Multifunction Phased Array Radar (MPAR) system that may be useful for other weather radar investigations as well. A comparison of methods, focusing on hardware, and a discussion of new capabilities of interest to weather radar users, will be presented


Seminar will be webcast at: http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/mms/fl2-live.htm‚Äč


Tuesday, 29 March 2016, 3:30 PM

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NCAR-Foothills Laboratory

3450 Mitchell Lane

Bldg 2 Small Seminar Room (Rm1001)