EOL Seminar: Data and Infrastructure to Understand Our Changing Ecosystems

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:30
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Dr. Holger Vömel
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NEON: Data and Infrastructure to Understand Our Changing Ecosystems

Presenters - National Ecological Observatory Network
Sharon Collinge, PhD, Chief Scientist / Observatory Director
Kate Thibault, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, NEON Science Lead & Small Mammal and Avian Ecology
Mike SanClements, PhD, Lead—Terrestrial Instrument Science / Biogeochemistry, Soil Science
Tristan Goulden, PhD, Associate Scientist, Airborne Platform
Christine Laney, PhD, Research Scientist, Data Science/Ecoinformatics

The mission of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is to provide a coordinat-ed, national system for monitoring important ecological and environmental properties at multi-ple spatial and temporal scales. Now in initial operations, NEON offers free and open, high quality data on the drivers of and responses to ecological change, with interoperability for in-tegration with other national and international network science projects; a standardized and reliable framework for supplementary research and experiments, including infrastructure as-sets for community use, samples and specimens for additional analyses, educational resources and opportunities, and highly skilled field and data science staff. This presentation will feature the Observatory Director and four NEON scientists speaking in depth about the NEON data products and infrastructure available for use and opportunities for collaboration with NCAR scientists and research communities.

Tuesday • November 6, 2018 • 3:30 PM
Refreshments 3:15 PM
NCAR • Foothills Laboratory • 3450 Mitchell Lane
Building 2 • Large Auditorium • Room 1022
Webcast: http://ucarconnect.ucar.edu/live