Facility Request Forms


There are currently two methods you may select from to submit the facility request forms: the new Projects Request Online (PRESTO) system or the traditional forms found in the table below. 

1) PRESTO offers a fully online facility request submission process. Once logged in, the submitting PI can save the forms and return to complete them at a later date. Please see the PRESTO Guidance for Submitting PIs page for details on how to create login credential and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the forms or go directly to PRESTO

2) The facility request documents below need to be completed per the instructions and submitted in electronic form to the LAOF Request Coordinator and the appropriate facility manager(s).

NOTE: Both methods still use the same submission deadlines. Upcoming deadlines are 1 December and 1 July for Small Projects, and 15 January for Large (Phase 1) Project EDOs and SPOs and 15 August for large (Phase II) Facility Requests.



The table below provides links to the various forms to be used to request one or more Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities. Please note that the completed requests forms are the most important documents in the project evaluation process and form the basis for establishing the feasibility, risk, and cost of a campaign. Request forms differ from one facility provider to the next. If you request facilities from two or more of the LAOF Partner Organizations, feel free to merge documents and combine information as needed to avoid duplication. Completed facility request forms must be submitted in electronic form to the LAOF Request Coordinator and the appropriate facility manager(s).

NCAR/EOL Request Forms

If you plan to request LAOF that are managed by EOL, please be sure to fill out the mandatory forms (Part I, II, III) in addition to the facility-specific forms. 

Lower Atmosphere Observing Facility Request Form Template Form Type
General Project Information NCAR/EOL Form - Part I Mandatory Form
Operations and Logistics Support Requirements NCAR/EOL Form - Part II Mandatory Form
Data Services and Management Support NCAR/EOL Form - Part III Mandatory Form
NSF/NCAR C-130 NCAR/EOL Form - C130 Aircraft
NCAR Dropsonde NCAR/EOL Form - Dropsonde Airborne Instrumentation
NCAR HIAPER Cloud Radar NCAR/EOL Form - HCR Radar - airborne 
NCAR High Spectral Resolution Lidar  NCAR/EOL Form - HSRL Lidar - airborne
NCAR Water Vapor DIAL  NCAR/EOL Form - WV DIAL Lidar - ground-based
NCAR S-band Dual Polarization Doppler Radar NCAR/EOL Form - SPOL Radar - fixed
NCAR Integrated Surface Flux System NCAR/EOL Form - ISFS Surface Meteorology
NCAR Integrated Sounding System NCAR/EOL Form - ISS Surface Meteorology
User-supplied Aircraft Instrumentation Form User-supplied Aircraft Instrumentation Form Airborne Instrumentation
NCAR HAIS Instruments - Cost Recovery  NCAR/EOL Form - HAIS  Airborne Instrumentation
NCAR Educational Request Form Educational Deployment Request Form n/a


University of Wyoming and CWSR Request Forms 

Lower Atmosphere Observing Facility Request Form/Template Platform
UWY King Air UWY Form Aircraft
Wyoming Cloud Radar UWY Form Radar - airborne
Wyoming Cloud Lidar UWY Form Lidar - airborne
CSWR Doppler on Wheels CSWR Form - DOW Radar - mobile
CSWR Mobile Mesonet CSWR Form - Mobile Mesonet Surface - mobile
CSWR Tornado/Weather Pods CSWR Form - Tornado Pod Surface - mobile