WIUDOW 1 Project Assessment

The main project assessment was the completion of the DOW Field Report. It was clear from the reports that every student learned a lot about instrumentation, field projects, and data collection from the DOW visit. Students also completed a Course Evaluation at the end of the semester and had great things to say about the DOW visit. Some of the comments are:

  • “The opportunities presented in this class were outstanding. The things we did were amazing and made this the best course I have ever taken.”
  • “Real-life, hands-on experience. One example being the DOW.”
  • “I was able to do a lot of hands-on training with the instrumentation. The DOW project was the best project of the class.”
  • “Working with the DOW was very instructional, educational and fun.”

The outreach events were also a great success, both from the number of people reached and the comments we got during and after the outreach. The following quote is from Linda Wilson, 7th grade Team Leader at Macomb Junior High School:

“Wow!  What a wonderful event you put on for our students!  All of our 7th and 8th grade students were able to view and learn about the Doppler on Wheels during your visit on 10/1.  It was a challenge to make time for about 300 students but your presenters did an excellent job.  As a teacher, I am extremely pleased to have this experience provided to our students and found it very interesting myself.  Ab did a super job of fielding questions from our students and makes a great educator!  The present and former WIU students also did a great job interacting with students and sharing their enthusiasm.  Thank you so much for thinking about us and including Macomb Junior – Senior High School in your time here.  It is greatly appreciated.”