UNDEO 4 Lessons Learned

Field deployment flexibility is demanded even when the operational area extends through much of the Central Plains.The primary field deployment for UNDEO-2015, originally scheduled for the weekend of 4 April, was scrapped for lack of storms in the operational area. Instead, 2 mid-week field deployments (IOP-1 and IOP-3) were executed during the 2-week educational deployment.

While the exhibitions were generally effective at engaging with non-major undergraduates, high school students, and the general public, these need to be complemented with events for which the DOW is the focus and not merely ancillary.

Based on survey results from UNDEO-3 (2013), the PI made a more deliberate effort to ensure that more students had the opportunity to operate the radar during the field deployments. While probably not statistically meaningful, students rated “the level of involvement of students in the actual data collection during the field deployments” 0.38 points closer to ideal in UNDEO-2015 than in UNDEO-3.