START08 flight TF03

Apr 16, 2007: The GV aircraft is in the air at this moment on a research mission.

The GV research aircraft is in the air at this time. The flight's objective is to perform instrumentation performance testing and acquire preliminary data in the tropospheric intrusion located over Colorado and Wyoming.

Real time position of the GV is provided to users as a GoogleEarth track. Real time data stream from the GV can be seen here. The data provided in real time should not be used in any publication at they are preliminary and will change after proper quality control procedures are followed. Even after formal data release these data should only be used with proper acknowledgment of the NSF and project researchers.

You can also see the approximate location of the GV on FlightAware. Please realize that FlightAware does not use any data feeds from the C-130 and does not always provide an accurate real time position. Also, if the airplane is flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), the flight track will not be visible on FlightAware.