SOCRATES chat log RF15

[2018/02/24 01:43:36 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, we are waiting for clearance to takeoff. Apparently, Melbourne can't locate the flightplan that was filed.
[2018/02/24 01:52:04 UTC] <eric-gv> noise cal
[2018/02/24 01:53:37 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, Catalog images are arriving.
[2018/02/24 01:53:55 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> both HCR and HSRL
[2018/02/24 01:56:10 UTC] <eric-gv> taxiing
[2018/02/24 02:07:29 UTC] <eric-gv> and we're off.
[2018/02/24 02:11:31 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, You have two clear spots for cal scanning on your way out. First: 44.2, 144.4, second: 44.9, 142.8
[2018/02/24 02:11:37 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> The first one looks better.
[2018/02/24 02:30:27 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, My updates are very slow, I am now one 5 min cycle behind. Just an FYI. Might be us.
[2018/02/24 02:35:35 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, Looks like you might miss your first cloud free zone a bit to the south. Might want to hold for the second, unless it looks good from there
[2018/02/24 02:35:59 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, doesn't look good yet.
[2018/02/24 02:42:07 UTC] <eric-gv> starting cal
[2018/02/24 02:45:10 UTC] <eric-gv> end fast cal
[2018/02/24 02:45:34 UTC] <eric-gv> too many clouds below to continue cal
[2018/02/24 02:47:09 UTC] <eric-gv> slow cal
[2018/02/24 02:48:10 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, a clear spot is coming up. I would wait just a few moments for the cal
[2018/02/24 02:50:39 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, I think I got a decent set of cal scans, will repeat fast cal if things look better.
[2018/02/24 02:50:53 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, hmmm, I don't think it looks good for cal from here. I recommend we skip it unless you see a clear spot.
[2018/02/24 02:51:03 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> Ok, just got your message, sounds good.
[2018/02/24 02:59:43 UTC] <eric-gv> some good aerosol below cloud on hsrl.
[2018/02/24 03:06:21 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turns
[2018/02/24 03:17:42 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, it's bright and sunny here above the clouds. 
[2018/02/24 03:26:28 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, velocities seemed closer to 0 earlier in the flight. That seems to be the pattern over the last two flights.
[2018/02/24 03:27:04 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, I noticed that too. Sometimes it can change as the drift increases. I will take a look after the flight!
[2018/02/24 04:07:05 UTC] <eric-gv> S turns
[2018/02/24 04:20:49 UTC] <eric-gv> starting above cloud leg
[2018/02/24 04:52:37 UTC] <eric-gv> finally getting into some heavier cloud.
[2018/02/24 04:53:54 UTC] <eric-gv> starting descent for in cloud leg.
[2018/02/24 05:51:21 UTC] <eric-gv> starting 500' leg.
[2018/02/24 05:56:33 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, Are the waves large?
[2018/02/24 05:56:39 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> ocean waves
[2018/02/24 05:56:58 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> they look small on the camera
[2018/02/24 05:57:52 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, they don't seem too big; hard to judge.
[2018/02/24 06:06:59 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, wouldn't want to be in a small boat down there though :-)
[2018/02/24 06:26:35 UTC] <eric-gv> climbing to 20kft.
[2018/02/24 06:27:32 UTC] <eric-gv> tilt adjustment is maxed out at 3.49
[2018/02/24 06:50:53 UTC] <eric-gv> descending to above cloud leg.
[2018/02/24 07:05:22 UTC] <eric-gv> starting above cloud leg.
[2018/02/24 07:22:41 UTC] <eric-gv> starting in cloud leg.
[2018/02/24 07:39:59 UTC] <eric-gv> below cloud leg.
[2018/02/24 07:47:17 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, good decision not to fly this one -- it's a wee bit turbulent now.
[2018/02/24 07:54:15 UTC] <eric-gv> starting sawtooth.
[2018/02/24 08:10:59 UTC] <eric-gv> lost hsrl gui control and lasing for about a minute.
[2018/02/24 08:17:00 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> That's weird, did it just come back?
[2018/02/24 08:21:01 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, Is this the downwind segment?
[2018/02/24 08:21:46 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, no,we are on final approach under atc control.
[2018/02/24 08:31:10 UTC] <eric-gv> noise source cal