SOCRATES chat log RF14

[2018/02/21 22:21:33 UTC] <hcr> starting  noise source cal
[2018/02/21 22:38:46 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-ops, hcr looks like your clear spot for surface Z cal is from 45 to 45 S.
[2018/02/21 22:41:23 UTC] <hcr> end noise source cal
[2018/02/21 22:44:05 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> 45 to 46 I mean
[2018/02/21 22:49:06 UTC] <hcr> takeoff
[2018/02/21 22:59:05 UTC] <hcr> level at 20000 ft
[2018/02/21 23:01:05 UTC] <hcr> ScottEllis-ops, agreed. I'll start the cal when we reach the clear area
[2018/02/21 23:01:20 UTC] <hcr> There is a sonde due at 46S right?
[2018/02/21 23:02:08 UTC] <hcr> Velocity looks pretty good.Mostly gray, some green, occasional tan
[2018/02/21 23:06:04 UTC] <hcr> On the return ferry I might try adjusting the tilt offset to see if we can improve it a little
[2018/02/21 23:10:22 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Ok, I can try to estimate some numbers and we will see if we agree
[2018/02/21 23:15:47 UTC] <hcr> starting sea surface cal - fast scan
[2018/02/21 23:21:50 UTC] <hcr> starting slow cal right side
[2018/02/21 23:23:14 UTC] <hcr> starting slow cal left side
[2018/02/21 23:24:34 UTC] <hcr> done cal scans
[2018/02/22 00:08:31 UTC] <mike-gv> ericl-ops, I notice we are now seeing less of the burst, and the surface echo is a bit higher than before
[2018/02/22 00:08:44 UTC] <mike-gv> i.e. more centered on the 0km line
[2018/02/22 00:09:14 UTC] <mike-gv> Do you know if anything was changed in the hcrdrx params?
[2018/02/22 00:10:48 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, I thought I noticed that last flight as well, but I haven't changed anything.
[2018/02/22 00:12:02 UTC] <mike-gv> Seems odd that the timing would shift like that
[2018/02/22 00:16:01 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, I was looking at a reduced range plot, so I just thought I had a more detailed view.
[2018/02/22 00:16:51 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, it also may be that the cooler temperatures might be affecting the mod pulse delay of the transmitter?
[2018/02/22 00:17:38 UTC] <mike-gv> We have the following in the param file
[2018/02/22 00:18:20 UTC] <mike-gv> # tx_delay is the delay in seconds from T0 to the start of generation of the
[2018/02/22 00:18:26 UTC] <mike-gv> DAC waveform which goes to the EIK
[2018/02/22 00:18:35 UTC] <mike-gv> tx_delay                 336e-9
[2018/02/22 00:19:02 UTC] <mike-gv> # tx_pulse_mod_delay is the delay in seconds from T0 to the start of the
[2018/02/22 00:19:52 UTC] <mike-gv> q
[2018/02/22 00:20:33 UTC] <mike-gv> modulation pulse signal to the transmitter
[2018/02/22 00:20:51 UTC] <mike-gv> tx_pulse_mod_delay  432e-9
[2018/02/22 00:21:16 UTC] <mike-gv> tx_latency   644e-9
[2018/02/22 00:22:02 UTC] <mike-gv> tx_latency is the measured time between intiation of the DAC waveform generation
[2018/02/22 00:22:16 UTC] <mike-gv> and the rising edge of the actual transmit pulse
[2018/02/22 00:22:24 UTC] <mike-gv> Just FYI
[2018/02/22 00:26:28 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, that's good to know. At this point, I would suggest not changing any radar timing, especially on the transmit side.
[2018/02/22 00:26:43 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, what about rx delay params?
[2018/02/22 00:27:36 UTC] <mike-gv> That's the odd thing - I don't see rx_delay
[2018/02/22 00:27:53 UTC] <mike-gv> Don't worry, I was not planning on changing anything
[2018/02/22 00:28:11 UTC] <mike-gv> Just interested in understanding what is going on
[2018/02/22 00:35:20 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, we can have a closer look tomorrow on the maintenance day...
[2018/02/22 00:38:28 UTC] <mike-gv> ericl-ops, I checked the time series data,and we have the range to the first gate set to -178m.
[2018/02/22 00:38:45 UTC] <mike-gv> So we are saving the data out ahead of the burst anyway.
[2018/02/22 00:39:14 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, that's the most important thing.
[2018/02/22 00:39:20 UTC] <mike-gv> That is good because then we can always reprocess and adjust the distance to first gate to get the burst in the right place
[2018/02/22 00:40:14 UTC] <mike-gv> velocity has gone negative. How often do we generally do s-turns?
[2018/02/22 00:42:18 UTC] <mike-gv> I've asked them to do them every 30 mins
[2018/02/22 00:42:48 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, That sounds right. The previous s turn didn't seem to help.
[2018/02/22 00:44:47 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes,we just did an S-turn and it made no difference
[2018/02/22 00:46:06 UTC] <mike-gv> Odd - the elevation angle is coming out at -89.90 or so, i.e. 0.1 deg off nadir
[2018/02/22 00:46:26 UTC] <mike-gv> It's like we are not controlling the antenna to point downwards
[2018/02/22 00:46:57 UTC] <mike-gv> correctly all of the time
[2018/02/22 00:49:06 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, that is odd. The sfc Vr seems more negative after the latest s turn.
[2018/02/22 00:59:58 UTC] <ericl-ops> mike-gv, I have some ABR questions for you, switch over to hsrl?
[2018/02/22 01:08:03 UTC] <mike-gv> OK go ahead
[2018/02/22 01:45:18 UTC] <mike-gv> Starting descent
[2018/02/22 01:57:18 UTC] <mike-gv> level at 11000 ft, about 1000 ft above cloud
[2018/02/22 02:26:49 UTC] <mike-gv> turning around at 62S, about to drop into cloud leg
[2018/02/22 04:15:38 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Was that a dropout at 0401?
[2018/02/22 04:16:07 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv,  and another at 0409?
[2018/02/22 04:17:08 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> or did you point zenith momentarily?
[2018/02/22 04:18:35 UTC] <mike-gv> yes, I pointed up a couple of times to check for cloud above since there was nothing below
[2018/02/22 04:18:56 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Ok, thanks
[2018/02/22 04:18:58 UTC] <mike-gv> I have not seen any dropouts on either instrument
[2018/02/22 04:19:38 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Me neither, I was just checking.
[2018/02/22 04:43:25 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, I would like to request a 5 minute up or down wind segment.
[2018/02/22 04:46:01 UTC] <mike-gv> OK - I'll wait for a suitable time and see how things are
[2018/02/22 05:06:04 UTC] <mike-gv> I mean heading for home
[2018/02/22 05:16:12 UTC] <mike-gv> starting into wind leg
[2018/02/22 05:23:00 UTC] <mike-gv> end of into wind leg
[2018/02/22 06:36:27 UTC] <mike-gv> instrument shutdown