SOCRATES chat log RF13

[2018/02/19 22:23:52 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, are hcr and hsrl images getting to the catalog?
[2018/02/19 22:25:56 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, Looks good, all HCR variables are present.
[2018/02/19 22:26:12 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, what about hsrl?
[2018/02/19 22:27:00 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, HSRL is here too.
[2018/02/19 22:32:10 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, satellite image doesn't look good for surface cal today.
[2018/02/19 22:34:09 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, Not good at all. I would skip it.
[2018/02/19 22:34:32 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> I will keep an eye on it and let you know if a suitable gap develops.
[2018/02/19 22:34:39 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, thanks -- maybe on the way back?
[2018/02/19 22:40:39 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, Might be our best bet.
[2018/02/19 22:59:12 UTC] <eric-gv> noise cal on taxiway; now transmitting after takeoff.
[2018/02/19 23:09:29 UTC] <eric-gv> ground velocities looking good, near zero.
[2018/02/19 23:16:34 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, Surface Vr looks OK for now. Do you agree?
[2018/02/19 23:17:35 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, best I've seen it, too bad we have no detectable clouds.
[2018/02/19 23:17:54 UTC] <eric-gv> Thinking of doing a surface cal at 46 S.
[2018/02/19 23:20:11 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Can't hurt since we aren't detecting anything but the surface. We should note the clouds though.
[2018/02/19 23:23:40 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, we got a noticeable increase in the noise that makes it through censoring at 2313. Did you notice anything.
[2018/02/19 23:24:57 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, sorry was looking a velocity -- I'll keep an eye on dBZ for a bit...
[2018/02/19 23:25:39 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, OK. I am wondering if we cross a warm current and get an increase in thermal noise from the sea.
[2018/02/19 23:26:17 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, is it back to normal now?
[2018/02/19 23:26:57 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> yes! It was about the same width as we saw the other day.
[2018/02/19 23:29:18 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Surface Vr, seems more negative again. Arg!
[2018/02/19 23:31:04 UTC] <eric-gv> S turns.
[2018/02/19 23:33:35 UTC] <eric-gv> velocity still biased negative.
[2018/02/19 23:40:34 UTC] <eric-gv> radar now sees some cloud at 4kft
[2018/02/19 23:44:25 UTC] <eric-gv> surface cal started
[2018/02/19 23:49:45 UTC] <eric-gv> surface cal completed
[2018/02/19 23:50:42 UTC] <eric-gv> weak cloud deck T ~4kft for surface cal.
[2018/02/19 23:57:47 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, Do we do any noise subtraction in Z?
[2018/02/19 23:58:03 UTC] <eric-gv> for Hawkeye?
[2018/02/19 23:59:31 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> eric-gv, Mike is not here yet.
[2018/02/20 00:00:20 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turns.
[2018/02/20 00:01:15 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-ops, do we correct for vertical velocity in real-time?
[2018/02/20 00:03:00 UTC] <eric-gv> velocity still negatively biased.
[2018/02/20 00:09:02 UTC] <mike-ops> We determine the noise dynamically, and then of perform noise subtraction for the SNR fields.
[2018/02/20 00:09:24 UTC] <mike-ops> Z and LDR both depend on SNR, so are noise corrected.
[2018/02/20 00:10:21 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, thanks -- this is for Hawkeye also? It doesn't seem like we're subtracting enough noise power.
[2018/02/20 00:10:58 UTC] <mike-ops> Yes
[2018/02/20 00:11:04 UTC] <eric-gv> ground velocity bias looking better now.
[2018/02/20 00:11:50 UTC] <eric-gv> experiencing slight turbulence now
[2018/02/20 00:14:22 UTC] <eric-gv> both systems working well.
[2018/02/20 00:17:59 UTC] <eric-gv> finally some clouds in the radar display
[2018/02/20 00:29:33 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turns
[2018/02/20 01:01:03 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turns
[2018/02/20 01:34:54 UTC] <eric-gv> just passed over macquarie island.
[2018/02/20 01:35:50 UTC] <eric-gv> radar is detecting cloud deck at ~3.5kft
[2018/02/20 01:37:08 UTC] <eric-gv> starting descent to 5kft for over cloud leg.
[2018/02/20 01:38:38 UTC] <eric-gv> ScottEllis-FL, both systems working well.
[2018/02/20 01:38:57 UTC] <eric-gv> noticeable sidelobe below ground.
[2018/02/20 01:49:46 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> eric-gv, It started exactly when the descent started. Not sure why that should be.
[2018/02/20 01:50:12 UTC] <ScottEllis-FL> The surface Vr didn't change noticeably.
[2018/02/20 01:53:21 UTC] <eric-gv> descending to 3.5kft for above cloud leg.
[2018/02/20 01:55:06 UTC] <eric-gv> started above cloud leg.
[2018/02/20 01:59:49 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turns
[2018/02/20 02:05:05 UTC] <eric-gv> ascending 500'
[2018/02/20 02:33:07 UTC] <eric-gv> pointing zenith
[2018/02/20 02:49:23 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turn
[2018/02/20 02:54:12 UTC] <eric-gv> nadir pointing
[2018/02/20 03:03:37 UTC] <eric-gv> saw teeth completed; over cloud leg
[2018/02/20 03:10:42 UTC] <mike-ops> eric-gv, data looks good on both, I don't see any dropouts
[2018/02/20 03:14:39 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, yes, I haven't noticed any dropouts either.
[2018/02/20 03:19:01 UTC] <eric-gv> starting in-cloud leg.
[2018/02/20 03:32:33 UTC] <eric-gv> below cloud leg
[2018/02/20 03:47:44 UTC] <eric-gv> S-turn
[2018/02/20 04:11:45 UTC] <eric-gv> It's a bit bouncy up here now!
[2018/02/20 04:51:13 UTC] <eric-gv> hsrl_control died; temporary loss of lidar signal.
[2018/02/20 04:58:49 UTC] <RichE-Ops> Did try to you restart it?
[2018/02/20 04:59:13 UTC] <mike-ops> eric-gv, on hsrl, try start_all
[2018/02/20 05:00:04 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, It's been fixed. thanks!
[2018/02/20 05:02:53 UTC] <RichE-Ops> Nice, we're getting data.
[2018/02/20 05:52:25 UTC] <eric-gv> along wind leg.
[2018/02/20 05:54:41 UTC] <mike-ops> How is the /data disk space looking - do 'df' in a terminal
[2018/02/20 06:02:49 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, 51% on both USBs, 87% on /data
[2018/02/20 06:03:07 UTC] <mike-ops> How many TB left on /data?
[2018/02/20 06:06:45 UTC] <eric-gv> mike-ops, 5.1 TB available.
[2018/02/20 06:09:24 UTC] <eric-gv> in holding pattern...
[2018/02/20 06:14:37 UTC] <eric-gv> tx off
[2018/02/20 06:14:41 UTC] <eric-gv> noise cal
[2018/02/20 06:15:59 UTC] <eric-gv> lidar off