SOCRATES chat log RF12

[2018/02/17 23:30:13 UTC] <mike-gv> starting noise source cal
[2018/02/17 23:41:24 UTC] <mike-gv> BTW - we have decided not to use HSRL chat, only HCR,during flight.
[2018/02/17 23:56:09 UTC] <mike-gv> takeoff
[2018/02/17 23:56:16 UTC] <mike-gv> takeoff 23:53
[2018/02/18 00:02:31 UTC] <mike-gv> surface velocity looks good, mixture of gray, green and tan
[2018/02/18 00:04:07 UTC] <mike-gv> tilt error looks good on the monitoring window, both pos and neg values
[2018/02/18 00:05:03 UTC] <mike-gv> And elevation is around -89.95 to -89.99 most of the time
[2018/02/18 00:05:11 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, that was a bright spot on RF11 too.
[2018/02/18 00:05:18 UTC] <mike-gv> So I think we have good pointing settings
[2018/02/18 00:05:56 UTC] <mike-gv> No dropouts observed yet -- all looking good
[2018/02/18 00:07:13 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, does look pretty cloudy here. What are your thoughts on ocean surface cal?
[2018/02/18 00:08:07 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, You may have a better opportunity at about 46.8 s.
[2018/02/18 00:08:21 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, It is a small gap, but I would hold out for that one.
[2018/02/18 00:08:28 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, on our image the second sonde drop point looks the clearest
[2018/02/18 00:09:24 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes - -46.8 to -47 looks the best bet
[2018/02/18 00:09:25 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Agreed, that is where I was thinking. I just added the dsondes to my display.
[2018/02/18 00:20:08 UTC] <mike-gv> ericloew-ops, temps do look good
[2018/02/18 00:28:39 UTC] <mike-gv> still all smooth, no dropouts, both instruments look good
[2018/02/18 00:29:20 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, is the catalog updating OK?
[2018/02/18 00:29:52 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Yes
[2018/02/18 00:31:32 UTC] <mike-gv> Looks like about 8 mins to go to start cal
[2018/02/18 00:31:54 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Does the surface Vr seem to be more negative now to you? I haven't seen an s turn yet
[2018/02/18 00:32:01 UTC] <mike-gv> What does the latest sat image show? Ours is from 00:00 UTC
[2018/02/18 00:35:47 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, at 0010, the clouds are filling in a bit. 46.825 might be a little better.
[2018/02/18 00:36:46 UTC] <mike-gv> OK - I'll start at -46.8
[2018/02/18 00:38:14 UTC] <mike-gv> starting fast cal scan
[2018/02/18 00:42:20 UTC] <mike-gv> starting slow scan right side
[2018/02/18 00:43:18 UTC] <mike-gv> starting slow cal scan left side
[2018/02/18 00:44:27 UTC] <mike-gv> Cals scan complete, nadir pointing
[2018/02/18 00:54:04 UTC] <mike-gv> starting second cal fast scan
[2018/02/18 00:55:57 UTC] <mike-gv> end cal scan,nadir pointing
[2018/02/18 00:58:03 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, I inserted an extra fast cal scan near the sonde drop at -48
[2018/02/18 00:58:41 UTC] <mike-gv> There seemed a little opening. Some cloud but the HSRL does a good job of letting us know where it is clear
[2018/02/18 01:00:07 UTC] <mike-gv> Still all smooth, no problems
[2018/02/18 01:01:44 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, we're pretty confident about the cal now, is that correct?
[2018/02/18 01:02:07 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Z cal?
[2018/02/18 01:02:34 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes - the Z cal
[2018/02/18 01:03:44 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, that is my impression.
[2018/02/18 01:05:34 UTC] <mike-gv> Starting another cal scan, open patch, sonde released at 49S
[2018/02/18 01:10:05 UTC] <mike-gv> End fast scan for cal
[2018/02/18 01:12:20 UTC] <mike-gv> I think the sonde got stuck, so maybe no sonde at 49S
[2018/02/18 01:14:10 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, they are working the sonde problem here.
[2018/02/18 01:20:42 UTC] <mike-gv> I'm seeing dropouts on HSRL not sure why
[2018/02/18 01:21:01 UTC] <mike-gv> Good thing is that they do not affect the raw data, just catalog
[2018/02/18 01:25:12 UTC] <mike-gv> HSRL seems better now
[2018/02/18 01:25:38 UTC] <mike-gv> Still no dropouts on HCR, so I think it is better
[2018/02/18 02:31:46 UTC] <mike-gv> eric - interesting that the H LNA shows a temp of about 20C and the V LNA of about 10C
[2018/02/18 02:57:11 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, temps today are about 10C cooler than yesterday
[2018/02/18 04:10:42 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, looks like your switch to zenith pointing at ~1kft -- is that correct?
[2018/02/18 05:32:40 UTC] <mike-gv> starting noise source cal
[2018/02/18 05:36:36 UTC] <mike-gv> ending noise source cal
[2018/02/18 06:39:05 UTC] <mike-gv> Note: from 05:05 to 05:15,HCR screen was locked up - I somehow got the mouse stuck in an xterm
[2018/02/18 06:39:20 UTC] <mike-gv> Had to log in from laptop and kill all xterms to free it up
[2018/02/18 06:50:54 UTC] <mike-gv> sea surface fast scan
[2018/02/18 06:53:54 UTC] <mike-gv> done sea surface fast scan
[2018/02/18 06:54:25 UTC] <mike-gv> starting noise source cal
[2018/02/18 06:56:10 UTC] <mike-gv> 06:55 pointing up for noise source cal
[2018/02/18 07:00:19 UTC] <mike-gv> done noise source cal
[2018/02/18 07:04:00 UTC] <mike-gv> starting 5 min downwind leg for vel check
[2018/02/18 07:10:07 UTC] <mike-gv> end of downwind leg